Freelancer Tips

What Buyers Want
Getting in buyers’ heads, as told by top buyers
Learn more about what buyer's want to see on your freelance profile.
Psychology of Coupons
The psychology behind discounts and how it can benefit your business
Coupons are usually foreign to the freelance world. But many of us are simply unaware of the power of coupons to drive customer retention. In this article, we explore the
Anywhere Worker
How to Pick the Right Places to Travel as an Anywhere Worker
Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?!
Remote Work
5 things you will need when working remotely
Ever wondered what you need to successfully work remotely? Read about it here!
Top Anywhere Worker Destinations
Spain, Portugal, Australia and the US are the top destinations for Anywhere Workers
Fiverr shares findings from its second study of Anywhere Workers who travel while working remotely.
Fiverr Ease: A Mental Wellness Month Special
May is Mental Wellness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of mental health, and a reminder for all of us to make time for self-care.
4 Ways to Refresh Your Brand in 2023
A brand refresh may be the perfect way to set yourself up for success, even during times of economic uncertainty. These expert tips will help you get started.
Freelancer Rebrand
How To Rebrand Yourself As A Freelancer in 8 Steps
A freelancer rebrand helps rejuvenate your business and ensure it aligns with your interests and goals. Here are eight essential steps in the rebranding process.
Press Trips
Press Trips for Freelancers: How They Work and How to Get Started
As a freelancer, press trips help you strengthen your portfolio and build your network. Learn how they work and how to get invited to one.
Seasonal Affective Disorder
How Freelancers Can Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Everything that freelancers need to know about seasonal affective disorder and how to remedy the symptoms during the challenging winter months.
Earn More
The Holiday Pivot: 4 Ways Freelancers Can Earn More This Holiday Season
Learn actionable and reliable freelancing ideas for the holidays to multiply your income. Read the easy-to-follow strategies in this guide.
Spooky Scenarios a Freelancer May Face and How to Resolve Th
What are some of the bad scenarios that freelancers face at some point? In this article, we’ll talk about common freelancer problems and how you can fix these problems.
Expert Freelancer
When Do You Become an Expert? And When Can You Call Yourself One?
You may be wondering how to become an expert freelancer, but is that possible to achieve? With consistent work and dedication to your craft, you can find the freelance su
freelancer income
The Road to $100k: How to Grow Year After Year
How to make 100k freelancing? In this article, we’ll discuss how you can grow your freelance business to $100K year after year.
Own Up to Your Mistakes: How and Why You Must Report Errors to Your Clients
Everybody makes mistakes like copy errors. It’s how you deal with them that matters, and a big part of that is admitting it. Here’s why you should always report mistakes.
freelancer rates
Freelancers: How to Raise Your Rates and Ask for More Money from Clients
There comes a point in every freelancer’s career when it’s time to ask for more money. How do you raise your rates to ensure you’re getting what you’re worth?
digital nomad
How to Get Started as an Anywhere Worker
Are you looking for a career that will let you work from anywhere in the world? Here's how to get started as an Anywhere Worker with Fiverr.
tiktok freelance
20 TikTok Accounts Every Freelancer Should Follow
Explore 20 accounts from TikTok freelance influencers recommended by the Fiverr team to help you launch and grow your freelance business.
coworking space
7 Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Freelancers
A coworking space is a flexible, low-cost option for freelancers who want a dedicated office space away from home.
The Benefits of Forms for Your Freelance Business
Jotform, a full-featured online form builder has partnered with Fiverr Logo Maker to allow you to not only build the custom form you need in a matter of minutes.
How To Plan a Successful and Fun Workcation
Whether you're a freelancer or a full-time corporate employee, you can balance productivity and relaxation by planning a working vacation. Here are crucial tips.
freelance time management
5 Ways to Better Manage Your Time and Grow Your Freelance Business
Distractions are everywhere when working from home. Freelancer time management is essential. Here is how to focus and grow your freelance business.
spring cleaning
6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Freelancers
How can freelancers clean and organize their digital workspace and physical workspace? Here are some tips to consider for a clean home office.
freelancer community
The Ultimate Guide to Freelancer Community Resources
A freelancer community can help you make valuable connections and grow your business. This guide provides some of the best resources to help you get started.
tax software
The 5 Best Tax Software Platforms for Freelancers in 2022
How to choose a tax software platform for 2022? Here are some of the best tax software for freelancers and the self-employed.
Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC: Which is Best for Freelancers?
For freelancers, deciding whether to operate as a sole proprietorship vs. LLC can be difficult. Here's what you need to know.
The 8 Instagram Accounts that Freelancers Should Follow
If you are a freelancer feeling isolated and lacking in inspiration, look no further than Instagram. Here are 8 accounts to inspire you.
negotiate rates
How to Negotiate Higher Rates in 2022
Everything you need to know about raising your freelancer rates and how to prepare yourself for rate negotiation with existing clients in 2022.
freelancer finances
Why You Should Have 3 Kinds of Savings As a Freelancer
Saving is never cool nor fun - but as a freelancer it is essential. To make it all more confusing, there are a few kinds of savings we should keep in mind.
great resignation
The Great Resignation
With platforms like Fiverr Business, it is easier than ever to hire freelancers to suit your needs and fill any gaps in your organizational structure.
mood board
How to Create & Use Mood Boards for Your Visual Inspiration
Mood boards help you visualize how elements will look together so you can refine your ideas and design. Here is how to make either a digital or physical mood board.
portfolio website
How To a Create Personal Portfolio Website
Let's covers the basics of what a personal portfolio website is, what it consists of, and how to set up your very own.
freelance college
The Best Freelance Jobs For College Students
Here is why freelance jobs are good for college student and a list of freelance jobs that fit the supreme flexibility that they need in order to juggle their busy lives.
freelance business
10 Profitable Ways To Promote Your Freelance Business
Here are 10 profitable ways you can promote your freelance business. From this list, you can choose your top three to five marketing activities to get more clients.
Do You Need A Portfolio?
Whether you opt for a print or digital portfolio, all freelancers can (and should!) use portfolios to promote and showcase their creative talents.
creative brief
Putting the CREATE in a Creative Brief
A close look at the benefits and elements of a creative brief and why it is worth making one for your next project.
Fiverr Seller
Fiverr Pro Top Seller Shares: How to Become An Unforgettable Fiverr Seller
Four powerful tips from a Fiverr Pro Top Seller to stand out, get rehired and build a consistent flow of repeat business.
5 Big Freelancing Headaches (and How to Solve Them)
Here are some of the biggest headaches freelancers deal with and solutions to solve them.
Did Covid-19 Make Freelancing the New Full-Time?
Let's take a look at how COVID transformed the employment landscape and what the future may hold.
6 Tips to Effectively Grow Your LinkedIn Network
Growing your professional network on LinkedIn is one of the first steps to gain valuable leads and attract potential clients. Here are six tips to effectively do so.
3 Must-Have Attributes of a Winning Freelance Team
Finding the right freelancers for your team can be time-consuming. This is why Fiverr Business connects managers like you with a directory of pre-vetted freelancers.
freelance while homeschooling
Making the "Impossible" Happen: How To Freelance While Homeschooling
Working from home while homeschooling is a tough juggling act, but when you set up some safety nets in your work life, you can keep your ship sailing steadily.
freelance community
Why Finding A Freelance Community Is Essential For Niche Freelancers
Find other freelancers offering similar services as you, reach out to them, and start developing your network.
working vacation
Working Vacation: How to Pick the Perfect Rental
While not every vacation should be working vacations, it can be nice to get away even when there is still work that needs to be done.
Productive During Pregnancy
Pregnant and Productive: How to Grow Your Freelancing Business During Maternity
When you prioritize health, reevaluate your schedule, and prepare for challenges, you can journey through pregnancy without missing a beat!
The 1% Difference: What is the Trajectory of Your Freelancing Career?
Don't procrastinate, start your daily 1% growth today.
How To Network Like A Pro As A Freelancer
You can join freelancing platforms like Fiverr to meet clients and collaborators for your freelance projects.
How To Recover From Work-From-Home Burnout
Virtual work arrangements seem to be the future. Hence, learning to be productive indoors will be key to reaching your goals and career aspirations.
6 Learn From Fiverr Courses That Can Help Remote Workers Boost Their Productivity & Performance
To get the most of opportunities, master virtual work skills, and productivity tips so you can stay focused and achieve your goals for 2021.
Home Studio 101: A Guide for Beginners
Now, any artist, podcaster, or vlogger can make a one-time investment to record high-quality takes at home.
5 Quotes from Steve Jobs Every Entrepreneur Needs
As a freelancer, you are an entrepreneur in the mainstream workplace.
3 Poems to Unleash Your Greatness
There are 3 poems that I always read to realign my focus and to help me appreciate where I am.
Don't Wait: Create a Side-Hustle for Yourself Now
If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do, or even something you’ve been wanting to let go of, now is the perfect time to go after your dreams.
Beat the Odds With Freelancing
At the start of the pandemic, more than 140,000 companies marked their business temporarily closed on Yelp. By August, it decreased to 65,769.
How To Become A Top-Notch Game Streamer
As more people stay indoors, the esports and gaming industry has skyrocketed at an unbelievable pace.
Fiverr Courses Help You Build Top-Rated Websites
With more people opting to stay indoors, many businesses are making an online transition to keep running amid these tough times.
Here's to Writing a New Chapter; From Fiverr CEO
We believe that 2020 marks the beginning of a decade in which freelancing will take another step forward.
It Starts Here
Our new brand campaign, “It Starts Here”, was inspired by our mission to change how the world works and the need for digital transformation.
How to Work from Home & Homeschool Simultaneously
let’s take a look at how others are adapting to working and homeschooling remotely (while maintaining their sanity).
Freelancing While Collecting Unemployment
While the freelance economy has also been affected by the ripple effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is proving to be a valuable lifeline for many.
6 Best Books to Read to the Best Entrepreneurs
If you’re looking for some insight into your own entrepreneurial pursuits, this list is for you:
5 Self-Taught Freelance Career Ideas
Here are 5 self-taught freelance career ideas to get you started. You can even combine these to offer your clients helpful packages.
Maintain Your Success with a Freelance Routine
Here’s a typical workday for me and how I maintain my sanity as a freelancer:
Creating a Productive At-Home Work Environment
With so many companies now relying on their employees to work out of their homes, mastering the art of getting things done where you dwell is a valuable skill.
How to Sew a Pleated Facemask?
Since many organizations are now recommending everyone to wear a cloth mask, now is a good time to dust off that sewing machine and make your own.
Pursue a New Business Idea Working From Home
If you want to build a home business, here are some ways to get started.
Freelancers Relief Fund
The Freelancers Union is encouraging anyone who has the means to donate, especially freelance platforms and companies working with freelancers.
Top 4 Brand Campaign Trends for 2020
Consumers are getting smarter with their buying decisions now that they have an over-abundance of options.
Work From Home Tips From A Work From Home Veteran
I’ve personally fielded my share of questions from friends suddenly finding themselves working from home.
Best Practices for selling live services on Fiverr
Selling live services on Fiverr differs slightly from the traditional services on the platform.
5 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Influencer marketing may deliver amazing results, but that doesn’t cancel out the fact that there are tons of things that could go wrong.
Home-Based Business Ideas with Little Startup Cost
Rather than dumping all your money into something risky, you can pursue a revenue model that doesn’t require much overhead.
How Good Client Management Can Help You Succeed
Being a successful freelancer takes a lot more than being a passionate and talented writer, illustrator, photographer or designer.
Consumer Behavior Trends Shaping Marketing in 2020
As strategists, freelancers, business owners, marketers and everyone else, it’s key to understand cultural shifts as they impact brands and consumer behaviors.
How To Build Your First Online Course With Fiverr
Creating an online course may seem challenging for first-timers. Fortunately, Fiverr freelancers are experts at creating online courses.
Where to Promote Your Online Writing Jobs
There is no shortage of freelance writers out there, but finding the right one for your particular project can often be a challenge.
3 Ways Successful Freelance Writers Use Twitter
This stat speaks for itself; clients happily interact with businesses on this social network. As such, it’s a marketing opportunity freelancers shouldn’t miss out on.
Freelancing vs. Full-time: The Pros and Cons
W-2 or 1099? For many folks who dream of business ownership, that is the question.
4 Instagram Post Ideas for Freelance Writers
As a freelance writer, you need to engage with potential clients across multiple social media channels to broaden your reach.
Social Media Helps You Find Freelance Writing Gigs
Meta Description: There are lots of potential freelance clients on social media but how do you find them? Here’s how you can spot freelance writing gigs.
Best Practices for Choosing your Gig Category
Here are some best practices to apply when choosing your gig category:
7 Ways to Promote Yourself as a Fiverr Freelancer
If you are a freelancer, then you are also a business. Like every business, you need to promote yourself if you plan to make money.
freelancer taking an online course||Fiverr - Online Freelancing Essentials online course||Fiverr - MailChimp Email Marketing Fundamentals Course||Fiverr - Lead Generation With Facebook Ads online course||Google Analytics online course-Fiverr||seo audit and blog strategy online course Fiverr
Fiverr Courses to Help You Impress Your Clients
Educating yourself to stay competitive in a changing marketplace is crucial to your success.
SEO Guide||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||SEO audit
How to use SEO to promote your Website
Many professionals and business owners know they absolutely need SEO to grow their business but they don’t necessarily know what it actually is.
Manage a Project with a Team and Freelance Help
Collaborating with a team of freelancers is a cost-effective and convenient way to complete special projects at your organization.
How to Become a Fiverr Pro
Fiverr Pro is an on-demand global marketplace, where exceptional, hand-vetted sellers can offer their services to engaged business buyers.
4 Tips for Attracting the Best Freelance Clients
To Avoid getting lost in a sea of competitors, develop a system that gets your skills and talents seen, heard, and sought after.
5 Steps to Hiring and Paying Freelancers
Is your stress level soaring through the roof with too many assignments and deadlines? Well, you can hire freelancers to complete tons of jobs for your business.
entrepreneurs planning a go to market strategy
Building Your Go to Market Strategy
95% of new products fail. You don’t want to spend time and resources on a go to market plan that’s going to fall flat.
How to price your products effectively on Fiverr
There’s a science behind pricing your products accordingly, and yet, it’s still one of the hardest things to get right.
Introducing our Newest Category: Animated GIFs
Animated GIFs are everywhere, we see them across social networks, messaging apps, the UI of products we use, and more.
Why Your Brand Needs Style Tiles
If you haven’t heard of style tiles before, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important to your business’ branding.
Know Your Worth: How to Price Your Services
what’s a freelancer to do? If you’re having a hard time pricing your services correctly, here are a few things to consider that can help.
3 Essentials Your Brand Style Guide Needs
What if everyone you hire could look at a single document and just get your brand?
Our Newest Category: Brand Style Guides
All of the elements that make up a brand’s identity are carefully selected to help ensure that it’s both recognizable and memorable.
Multitasking for Independent Professionals
it feels like you’ve hit the freelancer jackpot when you have a busy schedule and are making extra money to spare.
How to Freelance Full Time (Seriously)
If you have a side hustle bringing in extra money each month, you aren’t alone.
New Freelancing Skills You Didn't Know You Needed
Being a freelancer means you have a certain amount of control over your work days, so you can take on projects and clients on your terms.
5 Ways To Budget as An Independent Professional
Freelancing full-time is an increasingly popular career move. Studies suggest half of the American workforce will be freelancers by 2027. Wow.
Let's Get Down To Business Writing
When it comes to marketing and branding a small business, technical writing (also known as business writing) is a piece of the puzzle that’s often overlooked.
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