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Getting in buyers’ heads, as told by top buyers

Yael Hofnung
August 23, 2023
What Buyers Want

For sellers on Fiverr, understanding the thought process and preferences of potential buyers can significantly improve their chances of landing successful collaborations and building long-term relationships. To shed light on the buyer's perspective, we conducted interviews with buyers who have found success on Fiverr. These interviews reveal valuable insights into how buyers choose sellers and what they look for in a seller's profile. By gaining a deeper understanding of buyer expectations, sellers can tailor their approach and build stronger connections.

1. Back up your profile with credentials and samples

Hector, a marketing director, emphasized the importance of research and testing when selecting a seller. To stand out in front of buyers like Hector, it is crucial for sellers to showcase their expertise through examples and samples of work. Displaying a strong portfolio that demonstrates quality of work can significantly impact a seller’s chances of being chosen for a project. 

Furthermore, all of buyers interviewed emphasized the significance of reviews in their evaluation when choosing a seller to work with. As a proactive step, seek feedback from your buyers and capitalize on the potential of highlighted reviews to attract new business. By utilizing this feature, you can reinforce your credibility and cultivate trust among potential buyers. Good and substantial reviews can only strengthen your reputation on Fiverr, convincing potential buyers to choose you for their next project. 

2. Build trust through communication and honesty

Charmaine, a business owner, highlighted trust as a crucial factor in her decision-making process. Sellers can earn trust by maintaining a track record of delivering quality work and being transparent in their communication. Responsiveness to questions and concerns is essential to instill confidence in buyers. Also, sellers should pay attention to the reviews they receive, as positive feedback from previous clients can play a pivotal role in gaining trust from potential buyers.

3.  Stay on top of your communication and reflect passion

Angela, a business CEO, emphasized the significance of communication. For sellers, demonstrating the ability to understand a buyer's requirements thoroughly can make all the difference. Actively listening to buyers’ needs and responding with personalized solutions can lead to successful collaborations. Avoiding generic responses and showing genuine passion for the work can make a seller more appealing to buyers looking for a long-term relationship.

As a seller on Fiverr, understanding the perspectives of buyers is crucial to securing successful collaborations and fostering long-lasting relationships. The insights provided by Hector, Charmaine, and Angela highlight the importance of expertise, communication, trust, and passion in attracting and retaining customers. By showcasing their skills through examples, maintaining clear and transparent communication, building a track record of quality work, and demonstrating genuine interest in projects, sellers can create a positive and rewarding experience for both themselves and their buyers. By putting these insights into practice, sellers can position themselves as top choices on Fiverr, and ultimately drive success in their freelancing careers.

Yael Hofnung
Yael is a Customer Success Manager in Fiverr's Seller Plus program for over 2 years. Her journey spans 6 years at Fiverr, with prior substantial roles held for nearly 4 years. Yael's ongoing dedication involves providing freelancers with individualized guidance and sharing invaluable Marketplace best practices, all aimed at nurturing sellers' highest potential for business success.
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