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New Freelancing Skills You Didn't Know You Needed

Jasmine Glasheen
April 5, 2019

Being a freelancer means you have a certain amount of control over your work days, so you can take on projects and clients on your terms. But what often happens is that freelancers become complacent with their set of skills, projects, and clients. Then, one day, project work slows and clients don't seem as easy to attract.

Worry sets in and you wonder what you're missing. What may have happened is that you've lost touch with changes in technology and the expertise needed to use it. That's when it's time to look at adding new skills or brushing up on old ones so you can stay competitive. Here are six freelancing skills you might not realize you need.

1. Data storytelling

The ability to distill data into a compelling and engaging narrative is becoming more and more valuable as companies rely on the mountains of information they receive across all channels. It involves taking data and transforming it into something visual that's easier to understand for a wider audience.

Essentially, it's creating a story from the numbers that engages people who must make decisions based on that information. Other terms used for data storytelling include infographics, data presentations, and data visualizations.

2. Google Tag manager

A Google Tag manager isn't a title. It's actually a system that you can use to update code fragments and tracking codes from Google Ads or Google Analytics, as well as third-party tags on your company or client's website or app.

The result is fewer errors, which is more likely to increase traffic and deliver more of a payoff from ad campaigns. A company that can leverage a freelancer with this skill can leave their developers alone to focus on critical projects.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a large area that covers many types of technical skills related to protecting sites and transactions from hackers. Although you don't necessarily need to learn every type of tool and measure available, it's good to continually review what vulnerabilities exist and how you can help clients maintain tighter control over their data and networks.

It also means understanding how to employ certain measures like multi-layer authentication, biometrics, and identity verification systems. When clients know you are well-informed and proactive about security, they may be more likely to trust working with you.

4. Applied machine learning

You may have heard the terms machine learning and applied machine learning, but maybe you don't realize there's an important difference. In this case, it involves combining programming skills with data science and algorithms used in machine learning to create applications that become smarter over time.

Freelancers who develop this skill can find many opportunities to work on disruptive projects that use machine learning, like Google Now's Voice recognition technology, Microsoft's Cortana, and Gmail's spam detection.

5. Experiential marketing

This newer type of marketing has emerged in the last few years as a way to get audiences more engaged. It often uses marketing messages that can be physically touched and can also involve some type of in-person interaction, even if there's a digital component to the campaign.

Some examples of this include distillery or auto factory tours that let people experience the beverage or vehicle of their choice first hand. Afterward, companies can interact digitally with people who went on the tour. Experiential marketing isn't complicated – it just requires creativity and a strong understanding of what can impress and move a particular audience.

6. E-learning courses

Fiverr now offers a range of e-courses related to these freelancing skills and others on Learn from Fiverr. You can take the courses on your own schedule, adding value for your clients and attracting new projects that will help grow your freelance career. Those who complete a course receive a badge verifying expertise in that field.

Have you incorporated any new freelance skills lately? What tips do you have for other freelancers who aren't sure what skills to develop? Tell us in the comments below!

Jasmine Glasheen
Jasmine Glasheen is an established writer and thought leader with a knack for creative problem-solving. With a passion for the written word, artistic disposition, and unique generational insights; she looks forward to lending a millennial voice to The Do List. Follow Glasheen on Twitter @GlasheenJasmin1 and Instagram @MillennialRetailSavant.
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