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The 8 Instagram Accounts that Freelancers Should Follow

Fiverr Team
January 26, 2022

Working from home as a freelancer is a dream for many. But it can become a lonely experience. That is why the world of social media can be such a great resource for freelancers and work from home entrepreneurs worldwide.

A favorite platform among freelancers is Instagram, and for good reason.

How Can Instagram Benefit Freelancers?

Instagram is an excellent platform for freelancers for a variety of reasons. By searching for hashtags like #workfromhome, #freelancing, and #homeoffice, you can find and connect with other freelancers by commenting on their pictures and reaching out to them with a message. You can also search for creatives in your field with a specific hashtag like #FreelanceWriters or #FreelanceGraphicDesigners.

Being a visual platform, Instagram freelancers can also inspire you with their designs, work, and images to help you keep the creativity flowing. Instagram could also be part of your marketing strategy to share and advertise your work, connect with potential clients, and gain feedback and clarity. You can share your behind-the-scenes process and all the effort that goes into what you do.

So here are 8 accounts to follow as a freelancer to stay inspired and on your A-game:

1. @ClearVoiceContent

Our partner platform ClearVoice has a great Instagram account for freelancers to connect and get writing and marketing tips along with current statistics and strategies. They also do freelancer features to see what other freelancers are doing to be successful and where and how they got started.

2.  @iamnatalie

This account is by Boss Babe co-founder, investor, and entrepreneur Natalie Elizabeth Ellis. She offers up videos, quotes, and great advice on personal branding and marketing. She also has a cohesive and beautiful feed that you can take inspiration from.

3. @LewisHowes

This account will give your mindset a kick anytime you need it. Former Pro Athlete turned NYT bestselling author Lewis Howes interviews, quotes, and behind the scenes look into his life and business. He went from living on his sister’s couch to where he is today and is a good source for inspiration if you are feeling isolated and behind.

4. @FreelancingLifestyle

The Freelancing Lifestyle offers quotes, work advice, and collaborations on their Instagram account. The funny memes they often post make for a better workday. They share about different platforms, including Fiverr, where you can gain freelance work. If you need a laugh or some inspiration to break up your day, this could be the account for you.

5. @BrendonBurchard

Brendon has over 1 million Instagram followers for a reason. He was listed as the world’s leading high-performance coach by Forbes, and this account is a way for you to get a bit of that performance coaching yourself when your motivation is waning. From developing a great morning routine to stepping outside of fear, Brandon has some solid advice.

6. @DesignersHumor

If you work in design, this is a fabulous account for you to follow. Created by a designer for designers, this account claims to be the largest design memes account on the internet. It offers tons of memes that only designers will understand. So if you are overwhelmed with your work and need a laugh, check this account out.

7. @writers.toolbox

And for the writers, here is a collection of memes and writing advice. When the writer's block sets in and the words won’t come, you can scroll through and at least have a good laugh.

8. @Fiverr

The Fiverr Instagram account has everything from design ideas to funny memes and desk setup inspiration. Fiverr also shares quotes, design do's and don’ts, and stats with a very colorful assortment of graphics.

This list is just the beginning to get you started. Explore relevant hashtags on Instagram for your work and lifestyle, discover amazing accounts to connect with and follow for inspiration and motivation and maybe even some collaboration. Look at your favorite websites, blogs, and podcasts to see if they have a corresponding Instagram account and start connecting. There are other freelancers out there that are looking for and giving inspiration too. Freelancers unite. What is your favorite account for freelance inspiration?

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