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Spain, Portugal, Australia and the US are the top destinations for Anywhere Workers

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June 8, 2023
Top Anywhere Worker Destinations

94% of all Anywheere Workers report stable or increased earnings since becoming a working traveler

One year ago, we decided to launch our very first Anywhere Worker study to better understand this growing population of workers who are embracing remote jobs and embarking on epic travels around the world. This year, we decided to conduct our second edition of the study to shed light on the latest trends among all of the traveling workers out there. We surveyed 2,000 Anywhere Workers and guess what? These free-spirited souls are racking up passport stamps like never before! They've upped their travel game, opting for longer adventures across the globe. 

Trends and highlights

After a year we can see the reasons why they travel are as diverse as the destinations they visit. Some crave the flexibility to dance to their own tune, while others seek thrills and spills that can only be found on the road. Many have grown tired of the mundane 9-5 office grind and yearn for something more extraordinary. Some are simply going through personal transitions and find solace in this nomadic lifestyle. And let's not forget the influencers who have inspired others to follow in their footsteps. 

Global data 

  • Over 80% of these nomads plan to live the Anywhere Worker lifestyle for up to 5 years
  • Nearly 80% of Anywhere Workers embrace the nomadic lifestyle, moving from one exciting location to another every 6 months. That's a 16% increase in their globe-trotting habits compared to last year. 

The population of Anywhere Workers is diverse, but the majority belong to the adventurous millennial crowd. They've gained enough work experience to secure full-time remote positions, affording them the liberty to work and wanderlust on their terms. Women are also leading the charge in the Anywhere Worker revolution, fueled by their thirst for freedom and autonomy:

  • A whopping 36% of female Anywhere Workers prioritize flexibility and autonomy, eclipsing the 33% of their male counterparts 
  • For 34% of women Anywhere Workers, the motivation to embrace this lifestyle stems from their desire to break free from the monotonous 9-5 routine and break the chains of staying in one place. In comparison, 31% of men share the same sentiment 

Favourite hotspots and earnings

  • In the realm of Anywhere Worker wanderlust, Europe and the US take center stage. Spain steals the show as the most popular country to visit, followed closely by Portugal and Italy
  • Stateside, the concrete jungle of New York City and the vast landscapes of Texas claim the top spots
  • Nearly all (94%) Anywhere Workers reported stable or increased earnings since embarking on their nomadic journeys. It's like they've struck gold while chasing rainbows! 
  • This is a 10% increase from the previous year. Financial worries have taken a backseat, with a 15% decrease in the number of Anywhere Workers facing money troubles. Looks like their passports are enjoying a healthy diet of visa stamps and dollar bills

Fiverr’s Anywhere Worker Community

With this second research study, Fiverr aims to continue supporting the widespread community of  Anywhere Workers out there. Last year, ten remarkable freelancers and businesses from across the globe earned the incredible opportunity to travel and work from various Selina locations thanks to a partnership with Fiverr. 

We had the chance to listen to incredible stories from people with diverse backgrounds who shared  the common goal of exploring the world. We met Falk Werner, a video producer and voiceover artist, who has been an Anywhere Worker for 20 years! Sam Laliberte, a podcast producer with an incredible freelancer community, became an Anywhere Worker to have a less predictable life and dive into new experiences  every couple of months. Lina Ortega, a motion designer who wanted to set her own time, goals and to have the freedom to visit her family anytime she wanted. These are just a few of many  inspiring stories!

Fiverr Team
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