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Fiverr Courses Help You Build Top-Rated Websites

Fiverr Team
December 15, 2020

With more people opting to stay indoors, many businesses are making an online transition to keep running amid these tough times. Hence, there has been a rising demand for professionals who can build and design online websites.

If you want to take advantage of this financial opportunity, here are some Fiverr Learn courses to build your expertise.

What Are Learn From Fiverr Courses?

Fiverr Learn courses are online professional courses for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to kick off their career or side hustle. There are beginner lessons for marketing, graphic design, business, video, writing, and web development. However, there are also in-depth tutorials for UX design, Photoshop, After Effects, among many others.

How to Become A Top-Rated Website Builder With Fiverr?

Fiverr can help you build ecommerce stores, business websites, and portfolio websites. Let’s take a look at the top courses to consider.

1. Build A Professional Website With WordPress.Com

No coding experience? No problem! expert, Marjorie Asturias, lets non-programmers build a website from scratch with in this $32 course. Her course features step-by-step instructions for creating blog posts, installing plugins, and customizing gorgeous themes. Plus, you’ll also be trained in SEO and analytics to attract more organic traffic to your website.

2. Build A Responsive Website Using HTML5 & CSS3

If you want to be a top-rated website builder, then this course will help you learn the ropes. Adobe Certified Instructor, Daniel Walter Scott, will teach you how to build a responsive website through Visual Studio Code.

To start your hustle as a developer, you’ll learn the basics of Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. Since creating a beautiful and well-designed website is an essential skill, you will also learn HTML5, Flex Box, CSS3, and responsive design basics for just $23.

3. Adobe XD: UX/UI Design Essentials

They say a seamless UX and UI are crucial to building seamless online experiences for potential customers, leads, and investors. After all, no one wants a shabby app or website. Fortunately, Adobe Certified Instructor, Daniel Walter Scott, can jumpstart your career in UI/UX Design.

The $23 course will cover all things related to UX, UI, and using existing UI design kits. Learners can also put their knowledge to the test by getting an opportunity to create prototypes for mobile devices and creating UX Design workflows through Illustrator and Photoshop.

4. Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Once you snag ecommerce clients, they’re likely looking for web developers and designers that can create high-converting landing pages for their products and services.

Renowned Google Ads and PPC expert, Isaac Rudansky, can guide you through boosting conversions with real-life case studies and experiments. You’ll learn the psychological principles behind compelling landing pages and the buyer’s journey. By the end of this $26 course, you’ll be able to increase conversions by 2x to 5x more!

5. SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

SEO is vital to attracting traffic and customers, but the technical aspects may discourage you from understanding the basics. The good news is SEO expert Cleo Kirkland can help you navigate link audits, content audits, and SEO analysis. His project-based $46 course will help you build a website that potential leads and customers will actually visit.

6. Brand Strategy And Design For Small Businesses

Choosing a theme and customizing your client’s website shouldn’t be based on purely aesthetics. Instead, consider adopt a design and strategy aligned with the look and feel of the brand.

Emmy award-winning designer, Haylee Powers, can help web designers create a compelling brand that will rake in more profits and clients. Upon completion of this $48 course, you’ll be able to turn brand strategy into design.

Become a Top-Rated Website Builder & Designer Amid Covid-19

The pandemic may have hampered your finances and career progression, but there are plenty of opportunities for people that can build, design, and launch websites.

Thanks to the increasing demand for online services, more businesses are seeking professionals who can help them make the online transition. Learning how to build a website can be daunting, but these Fiverr Learn courses are guaranteed to help you succeed.

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