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Top Priorities for Tech Executives
Fiverr releases its new report, Strategic Insights: Leveraging Freelance Talent in Tech, detailing the priorities and challenges of the tech industry today.
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Success Stories
From Freelancing to Founding
How two lifelong friends and fellow freelancers built an agency off their success.
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Success Stories
Ana Bravo of Bravo Java: Heritage Shoe Brand
Bravo Java, a shoe company, found the silver lining in a global pandemic and used the opportunity to update their digital marketing efforts and refresh their brand.
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Success Stories
Olivia Claparols of ROOTED: Direct-to-Consumer Houseplants
When Rooted, a predominantly in-person business with different revenue streams was faced with a make-or-break moment, they acted quickly and went “all-in” on digital.
Success Stories
Danielle Lemieux of BREAD IN CAPTIVITY: Sourdough-Baking YouTube Series
Danielle Lemieux, creator of Bread in Captivity, hired Fiverr sellers to create the foundation for a high-performing YouTube series.
Success Stories
Pritma and Brighid of Lavender: Virtual Mental Healthcare
Lavender was born out of the desire to provide affordable and accessible mental health services. Thanks to Fiverr, they were able to launch Lavender in just 45 days.
Success Stories
David and Will of RifRaf Ricotta Cups
Meet David Eisenman, Chief Executive Officer and Will Hickox, Chief Innovation Officer of the new snackable ricotta brand, RifRaf.
Success Stories
The Winner of Fiverr’s “Art of Speed” Contest
A few weeks ago on a rainy weekend in Northern Italy, Fiverr capped off our “Art of Speed” contest with the racing innovation company Griiip.
Product News
Introducing Fiverr For Political Campaigns
Fiverr for Political campaigns contains a curated collection of digital services to provide campaigns — of all budgets and sizes — the opportunity to expand.
Success Stories
Outsourced Feelings Album Launch Event Recap
How do you create an album with zero experience? How do you even begin? Arianna O’Dell, a writer and entrepreneur, struggled with these exact questions.
Success Stories
Stephen Baer of The Game Agency
Meet Stephen Baer of The Game Agency, a software development company focused on building game-based solutions that make K-College and corporate training more effective.
Success Stories
Democratizing Cashmere: Caitlin Tormey of Naadam
Meet Caitlin Tormey of Naadam, a direct-to-consumer cashmere brand that’s making luxe knitwear more sustainable, more accessible, and more affordable for everyone.
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