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The Holiday Pivot: 4 Ways Freelancers Can Earn More This Holiday Season

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November 3, 2022
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Pivoting your freelance business strategically during holidays will help you maintain a healthy cash flow.

During the holidays, client orders may slow down—aligning with the off days of their full-time staff. This can lead to a downturn in your freelance earnings.

That’s no good.

With an effective pivoting strategy, however, you can keep the money coming in during slow business days. It will also help you discover ways to expand your craft, scale your freelance business, and have a blast this upcoming holiday season.

Here are four ways to pivot your freelance business and earn more through the holidays.

4 pivoting strategies and freelancing ideas for the holidays

1. Offer gift consulting services

If you’re creative, offer gift consulting services while utilizing your skills.

Gift consulting involves multiple tasks. Depending on your client’s budget, it may include discussing a gifting strategy, purchasing inventory, handling the packaging, and processing shipping.

Incorporate your freelance skills, be it graphic design or copywriting, to embed your brand in each gift. You can design the gift greeting card, spice up the packaging with short poems, add a festive version of your client’s logo, and so on.

2. Infuse your craft with the holiday spirit

Seek out freelance holiday gigs and side hustles in your industry—or reach out to existing clients to propose similar projects.

For example, if you’re a freelance graphic designer or photographer, offer eCard design services. For freelance copywriters, offer to produce holiday greetings on social media.

Check freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and look for seasonal services for inspiration. Below are a few ideas:

  • Edit holiday-themed video ads
  • Design content for specific retail holidays (Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Update business social media profile photos to something more festive
  • Design holiday-inspired banner ads
  • Compose holiday jingles

3. Sell party-themed content

Use your freelance skills to create and sell party-themed content and merchandise.

Create anything from party invites, festive icons, holiday-themed photographs, Christmas cards, poems, or even gift wrappers. Choose a product that still utilizes your professional skills so you can promote them naturally on your marketing channels, including social media and your website.

4. Offer holiday-themed website re-designs

If you’re a freelance web developer or designer, offer re-design services to prepare client websites for the holiday season.

Consider providing complete website re-design services or focusing on smaller tasks, like logo design updates, background image re-touches, and so on. Other website projects include holiday-themed pop-ups, retail holiday landing pages, and winter-themed homepages.

Additional tips that can boost your holiday freelance earnings

  • Promise to help clients hit their Q4 targets. Just like you, there are businesses out there that are hard-pressed to reach their revenue goals this holiday season.
  • Give your portfolio a holiday makeover. Use your creative skills to upgrade your portfolio website for the holidays.
  • Widen your horizon. Learn new skills or promote the same services to clients who ramp up their activities during the holiday season.
  • Slash rates down for the holidays. Offer special holiday discounts to snag the attention of clients who are looking to save this season. Businesses offer holiday promos all the time—and they work. In fact, Q4 of each year accounts for up to 50% of the annual sales of certain businesses. Promoting your freelancing services at a discount takes advantage of the market’s buying mood during the holidays. You can also offer special deals like “buy three articles for the price of two” or “get a free design on your 5th order.”

Crush Your holiday Profit Targets

Fiverr is used by millions of businesses to find great on-demand talent in various fields of expertise.

With a little creativity, you can pivot your freelance service to match the needs of these prospects—no matter the season. Start a seller account and get paid for holiday gigs today.

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