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How To Become A Top-Notch Game Streamer

Fiverr Team
December 18, 2020

As more people stay indoors, the esports and gaming industry has skyrocketed at an unbelievable pace. More gamers tune in to streamers to upgrade their skills or watch entertaining gameplays.

As a result, it’s the best time to become a streamer to foster connection and to earn money from your passion. Now, how can you become a top-notch streamer despite the ongoing pandemic? Here are some tips to get started.

1. Create Logos & Stream Overlays

Every streamer has their own personal brand. Besides their personality, they have a specific logo, colors, and graphics to make their streams instantly recognizable. Alternatively, esports teams also need a logo that represents their characteristics and aspirations.

Source. Creating a logo and stream overlay template seems to be challenging for first-timers with no graphic design experience. Fortunately, Fiverr designers can create memorable esports logos for your team and Twitch stream overlays.

2. Optimize Youtube videos 

Most game streamers also have a Youtube channel for Q&A’s and pre-filmed gaming videos. After all, some fans prefer to watch a condensed video instead of a full live stream. But hacking the Youtube algorithm doesn’t just involve uploading quality videos. Every video must have a description, hashtag, title, categories, and targeted keywords to attract organic traffic.

Subtitles and closed captions can also boost searchability. For example, Kelsey Impicciche's Youtube videos are fully equipped with captions, descriptions, and relevant keywords.

Source. Unfortunately, it may take time to transcribe and add descriptions to every video. That’s precisely why Fiverr’sYoutube marketerscan handle optimization so you’ll have more time to focus on your content.

3. Improve video editing skills 

Having the latest DSLR, PC, and microphones are not enough to succeed in the streaming industry. Instead, you must also have photography and video editing skills to capture the ideal lighting and set up for your live streams.

Pre-filmed video games also help you gain subscribers and increase publicity for your streams. However, you must be able to cut and edit videos in such a way that keeps viewers interested until the very end. That’s precisely why you need to improve your video editing skills.

Source. f you have no video editing experience, then editing your first videos may seem like a struggle. Consider hiring experiencedFiverr video editorsto create high-quality content.

4. Promote your stream

Before you launch your stream, spread the word on social media to boost viewership. Promote your stream on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit communities. Once your followers grow, launch a Discord channel to interact with your viewers.

Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator, Matt (@Pixelade) shares his latest uploads on his Twitter account to remind subscribers to tune in.

Source. Promoting your channel, increasing your followers, and creating high-quality content simultaneously seems like a tall order. So, hire experienced Fiverr marketers that are guaranteed to skyrocket your popularity.

5. Collaborate with streamers

They say no man is an island, and the same is true for streaming. Rather than growing your channel yourself, network and collaborate with other streamers. Invite streamers to join your videos. In turn, you may also get invites to join their streams and get fans from their communities.

Source. Another tip is to collaborate and send viewers to another streamer at the end of your live session. You can also get recommendations from other streamers in your group. This means more viewers for your channel as well as your collaborators. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Becoming A Game Streamer Amid Covid-19 

The pandemic has led to massive layoffs and financial disappointments for millions across the globe. However, becoming a game streamer may become an enjoyable hustle for gamers who want to make money out of their passion.

Becoming a popular streamer requires a lot of hard work from behind the scenes. To skyrocket your popularity, consider hiring a team of Fiverr designers, video editors, and marketers to get the job done.

Fiverr Team
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