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20 TikTok Accounts Every Freelancer Should Follow

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July 25, 2022
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TikTok hosts 800 million monthly active users, many of whom create a broad array of high-quality content offering freelancing tips, support, and inspiration, making TikTok for freelancers an indispensable tool for success.

20 TikTok Accounts Freelancers Should Follow

If you feel drawn to this exciting platform and need some ideas to help build your freelance business and brand, here are 20 accounts from TikTok freelance influencers we feel every freelancer should follow.

1. Anna @cedabranding

Anna creates consistent, authoritative content to help freelancers at any level build, develop, and polish websites. She can also help if you want to build your brand, client list, and bank account with topics ranging from time management tips to email marketing.

2. Dinghy @get.dinghy

If you are like many freelancers today, insurance meant to protect your business and brand reputation is a major concern. Dinghy offers tips for professional liability insurance, productivity strategies, and more for professionals, including freelance writers, graphic designers, and website designers.

3. Colleen Welsh @thefreelancewritersguide

Colleen's TikTok is ideal for any stage of your freelance writing career. Her video content can help you launch your career, build your portfolio, choose your perfect niche, and improve your SEO skills, and she can help you develop strategies to land the best-paying clients.

4. Freelancing 4 Beginners @freelancing4beginners

Freelancing 4 Beginners offers an excellent collection of daily inspirational posts for writers, photographers, graphic artists, or anyone else carving your own path. Sometimes we all need some mood-boosting quotes and visual content to keep us on the path to success, and this account delivers.

5. Freelancing Females @freelancingfemales

Women taking the solo route as freelancers can always use some moral support from other female professionals, and this account has plenty to go around. You'll find support and advice for professionals in graphic designers, photographers, grant writers, and marketing and sales. Some topics you might find interesting include avoiding procrastination and workspace clutter and improving your Zoom video conferencing skills, and more.

6. Ross Andrew Photography @rossandrewphotography

Here's an account made just for freelance photographers. Ross offers advice on the technical, creative, and business aspects of photography. If you want to boost your photography skills and business while enjoying some laughs, you'll appreciate this account.

7. Graphic Design

If you are an aspiring, new, or growing graphic designer, this is a great account to follow to learn more about various techniques in creating and editing in Adobe and other platforms.

8. Sam Despo (Marketing) @samdespo

If your freelance focus is on marketing and sales, Sam Despo has some tips for you. Sam's content focuses on digital marketing strategies, such as increasing followers on TikTok, finding free custom illustration tools and much more.

9. Freelance Studio @freelancestudio

Visiting Freelance Studio feels like visiting a digital library for freelancers. You'll find a breathtaking variety of tips and tutorials for every aspect of design. Watch clips on Photoshop, design mood boards, create logos and many other helpful topics.

10. Freelance Adventurer @freelanceadventurer

If you want to get out into the great outdoors as a freelance writer and photographer and live life to the fullest, you will love this TikTok account. This mom captures nature and adventure to inspire freelancers like you who want to see, experience, and blog about our amazing world.

11. Digital Marketing Flair @digitalmarketingflair

If you want to gain financial freedom by earning money online, this account offers plenty of practical ideas and a few seemingly too-good-to-be-true tips. The account owner offers inspiration and several ideas about earning money online and leaving the 9-to-5 behind.

12. Digital Marketing - Guy Taylor @guyttaylor

Guy Taylor's TikTok account can help you develop your skills, mindset, and approach toward earning money online. In addition to his regular video content, he offers a 100% free course to help you start freelancing and grow your business.

13. Social Media Mktng & Branding @jordynhartlein

Jordyn provides regular content to help you ramp up your social media marketing and branding strategy to support your freelance business. She shows the many facets of social media management and how doing it expertly is critical to your business's success.

14. Pennies to Pounds @penniestopounds

It's easy to focus on one's particular skills and crafts, such as writing or photography, while avoiding the business side of the business. The Pennies to Pounds TikTok for freelancers account speaks to the critical importance of developing robust financial literacy to help you earn as much as possible and ensure that your earnings work for you through your career.

15. J. Otero - Digital Sales Sync @digitalsalessync0

J. Otero is a self-proclaimed sales nerd who uses professional insights and humor to help you boost your digital sales freelancing business. This content creator offers valuable tips for elevator pitches, CRM note-taking, video prospecting messages, and more.

16. @digitalstrategies2022

If you are looking for a digital marketing coach, Jim is your guy. His content focuses on expert entrepreneurship and self-growth. Video topics include finding ways to make money online, learning affiliate marketing strategies, and building wealth.

17. Jordi.koalitic @jordi.koalitic

If you want to turn your creative photography and videography passion into your career, Jordi has some ideas and plenty of inspirational posts to help you. Be careful not to get too drawn into Jordi's beautiful work that you don't get started on your own. Pace yourself since he has plenty of beautiful content for you to feast your eyes on regularly.

18. DesignLead @designlead

DesignLead specializes in various design-related content for professional freelance designers. This account provides content on topics such as unique UI designs and creative ways to explain git commands.

19. marketing.conversations @marketing.conversations

This marketing-oriented TikTok account introduces you to today's top marketing thought leaders as marketing.conversations picks their brains. The account owner also offers his own insights with a great blend of information, insights, and humor.

20. Journo Resources @journoresources

While it might seem like most of the writing world revolves around blog posts, copywriting, ghostwriting, and social media posts, there are still traditional, independent journalists out there who want to cover important news stories. Journo Resources is here to talk about this vital freelance writing career path.

Add TikTok Freelance Influencers as Resources to Your Professional Tool Kit

TikTok might not instantly come to mind as a resource to support your freelancing career, but as you can see, there are plenty of professionals providing meaningful content to help you get started and continue growing your freelance business.

You might also visit the Fiverr library of freelancer tips for additional ideas and inspiration.

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