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Putting the CREATE in a Creative Brief

Fiverr Team
September 22, 2021
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Creativity isn't just innovation and imagination; it's also structure and planning! So when it comes time to begin your next creative project, starting with a creative brief may be your ticket to success. The key elements of a creative brief offer a detailed and actionable plan that keeps your project on track while allowing it to reach its creative potential. That's a project win-win!

What is a creative brief?

In its simplest form, a creative brief is a document that discusses both the inspiration and the strategic needs of a project. Think about it like an instruction manual that keeps everyone involved on the same page. The goal is to create a preview and guide for the work that includes requirements, messaging, audience information, and anything else that will help the project move forward. This allows for a single document that can be sent to all stakeholders and team members. Very useful indeed!

Defining your creative brief template

Because you will likely have more than one project on the creative horizon, making a creative brief template will save valuable time down the road. While every project is different and will have a unique set of needs, a template with some basic formatting and information can be adapted for each new project.

Exactly how this template looks and who will fill it out often depends on who's creating it. If you're an agency, your creative brief template will focus on the various tasks that will need to be tackled, leaving room to address the specific branding and requests of the client. It will then usually be completed by an account manager, or even a creative director, working closely with the client. If you're an in-house creative services team, you may want to focus more on branding and messaging, with space left for flexible project details. In this case, a team manager familiar with internal workflow can fill it out. Ultimately, a creative brief template is a tool, and like all tools, it is best used for its specific job.

Main elements of a creative brief

Once you have identified the role a creative brief will play in your project, the next task is writing it! Of course, knowing exactly what to add is a skill that will develop over time, but these creative brief example topics can save time upfront and reduce any potential circle back questions from your team.

Title and project background

This one may sound obvious, but titling and providing the context for a project is fundamental. Seeing the bigger picture allows the pieces to come together. If all team members understand what the project is, they will see why they're a part of it.

Goals and deliverables

Here is where things get specific. Be clear about the work's details that need to be done, making sure goals are measurable and achievable. This will ensure that the project's inspiration translates to the final product. Plus, you can look back and make sure every objective has been met. Check!

Target audience

Knowing your audience can't be underestimated. If you don't know who your audience is, you can't create something that meaningfully engages them. When you think about your target audience, ask questions. Are these current or potential customers? What are their age range, gender, and income level? What are their interests and motivations? It's like buying someone a good present, the better you know them, the better the gift will be.


Think of this section as a project itinerary. Likely, there will be people from different departments all working together, and this is where that work is labeled—a who's who of team members. Identifying the key stakeholders of your project keeps everything transparent and saves a lot of time when approvals are needed or feedback requested.

Now, get creative!

At the end of the day, knowing how to create a creative brief is not just about making outlines and strategies; it's about encouraging team collaboration. A well-written brief allows every person to be at their best in terms of both creativity and productivity. Using these elements of a creative brief can help keep people motivated and excited, ensuring a smooth road from the project's start to finish. The only thing left to do now is get creative!

Fiverr Team
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