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4 Instagram Post Ideas for Freelance Writers

Kate Devery
November 19, 2019

As a freelance writer, you need to engage with potential clients across multiple social media channels to broaden your reach. But, when it comes to Instagram, it's a little tough to make writing work fit the visual platform.

Or, is it? With a little creativity and a smartphone, you can post regularly about your writing services on Instagram—in just a few minutes.

4 Ways Writers Can Promote Their Services on Instagram

Let's show off your amazing skills and sell more Gigs ASAP.

1. Post Selfies For the Win

When it comes to engagement, a photo with a face gets 38% more likes than a photo without a face. This technique helps viewers better connect with you. Snap a grinning selfie and layer it with text. Get a little artsy with funky lighting and skewed framing if you're camera shy. Use the editing feature on Instagram or use a stand-alone photo editor to add a bold caption relating to the type of work you do or a project you're working on.

No wellness magazine editor will scroll past a post that says "Health Writer" in rainbow letters above a cheerful person sipping a smoothie. In the comments section, tell your readers a little about the topics you enjoy pursuing and how they can contact you.

2. Let Your Profile Do The Work for You

Whenever possible, use the screenshot feature on your cellphone to come up with non-photo posts for Instagram. Why? It's simple and quick! Head to your Fiverr profile on your smartphone, screenshot it, then open Instagram. Crop and edit the image to your liking and post!

In the comments section, be sure to tell your fans where they can find you on Fiverr and to look for the page you just posted. You can even add a link to your profile in the bio section of your Instagram page. It's also nice to share a sentence or two about why you love writing and what niche you specialize in.

3. Get Chatty on Video

It's no secret that video clips rise to the top of Instagram feeds. So, why not make a quick marketing video to help promote your writing? Use your smartphone's video camera to record a casual chat about who you are, what services you offer and where publishers can find you online. That's it! Upload, edit and post.

Be sure to use a handful of hashtags related to your writing area and style to gain new viewers who may need your services. For example, a tech writer might use #freelancewriter #techwriter #AI #OTT #IT to let readers know which topics they enjoy writing about.

4. Thank a Favorite Client

Get more eyes on your work and share some gratitude with the company who hired you by posting a screenshot (you'll start to love those!) of your published work. Tag the client and share a few words of thanks with them for the opportunity.

Explain what you enjoyed about the project and how you'd love to work together again. This strategy works well for content that a client wants to scale their reach on social media. Your post will help boost those numbers. Win-win!

Clients are Scouring Instagram to Find You

Taking the time to share more about your writing services on Instagram gets the word out about your talents. In no time you'll be racking up hearts, comments and hopefully a few inbox inquiries on Fiverr. Happy posting!

Kate Devery
Kate is Fiverr's Senior Brand Copywriter. She has 6+ years experience in managing content and writing copy for beauty, fashion, tech, and wellness brands.
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