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Fiverr Pro Top Seller Shares: How to Become An Unforgettable Fiverr Seller

Michael Neidert
September 20, 2021
Fiverr Seller

You’re delivering great work, getting good reviews and beating deadlines—but you’re still not seeing the orders rolling in.

What’s the problem here?

It can be frustrating, especially when 100% of your effort and talent is going into Fiverr. When you’re not getting the results you expect, you may feel discouraged. 

However, the solution is within reach: become an unforgettable Fiverr Seller: the only designer, writer, voiceover artist or strategist your client will ever want to hire.

As a Fiverr Pro Top Seller, I know creating an awesome Buyer experience is key to getting repeat clients and, ultimately, more orders than you can handle. It’s more than just the quality of your work or timeliness; it’s the experience you create during a project.

If you’re looking for ways to jump from good to unforgettable, here are 4 strategies that will get you fast, noticeable results.

Ask Questions and Be Curious

You may think clients hate to be bothered with questions, but actually, it’s just the opposite. The more thoughtful, intelligent questions you ask, the more your clients can see you’re invested in their project—and the better you’ll understand what they need.

Plus, asking questions leads to more accurate first drafts with fewer revisions, so you can take on more orders (and revenue!). When you understand the project better than your client, it shows in your work and reviews.

Deliver a Little Bit Extra

While it’s important to avoid scope creep or expand your work beyond your Gig’s deliverables, it’s also wise to deliver more than your client expects. That doesn’t necessarily mean doing extra work; instead, find ways to surprise your Buyers with added value by giving them:

An extra email in the drip funnel from an earlier draft, which you’d already written anyway. 

A recommendation for another Fiverr Seller with a different skill set who can add value to the project. 

An idea for a piece of content or software that will make their campaign stand out.

When you do a bit more than expected and create value, good Buyers will notice and appreciate your effort.

Get to Know Your Clients

It could be my Midwestern US roots, but I can’t help but become friends with my Buyers—and they seem to love it! It’s allowed me to go from a transactional, anonymous Seller to someone who knows about their family, business and preferences.

I ask non-intrusive, open-ended questions like:

  • What are you up to this week?
  • Interesting business! How did it get started?
  • Do you have any fun plans over the holiday weekend?

If they volunteer some information—an upcoming vacation, a hobby, a favorite sports team—I ask more about it, which often helps me understand who they are, what they value and how I can connect with them.

Try it out and see the response you get. You never know what you have in common with a Buyer, which can bring meaningful connections.

Share Your Ideas & Be Consultative

From the moment a Buyer contacts me, I’m generous with both ideas and expertise. Whether it’s a suggestion on branding, content tips or copy recommendations, I lead with value, showing I’m a helpful, consultative Seller. Sure, I’m giving away some time and knowledge, but it builds my credibility, shows I care about their success and demonstrates my creativity.

Another reason to share your ideas? They often lead to additional orders if your idea creates a new project or additional deliverable.

One final tip? Make sure you stand out when Buyers search for a Seller. Check out the Promoted Gigs feature, which I’ve used to achieve an 1,800% ROI via increased exposure and orders.

And if you want more ideas about how to become an unforgettable Fiverr Seller, build your business and stand out, check out my book, How to Thrive on Fiverr: 70+ Actionable Tips to Earn More, Attract Clients and Love What You Do.

Michael Neidert
Michael Neidert is a Fiverr Pro Top Seller and the author of How to Thrive on Fiverr: 70+ Actionable Tips to Earn More, Attract Clients and Love What You Do. An expat living in Montenegro, you can find Michael with his wife, Maja, and son, Luka, exploring the Balkans.
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