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Fiverr Ease: A Mental Wellness Month Special

Netta Goldberg
May 25, 2023

May is Mental Wellness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of mental health, and a reminder for all of us to make time for self care in our daily routine. And who needs that reminder more than the freelance community?

The demanding nature of the freelance lifestyle often makes it hard to prioritize wellbeing and self care. While freelancing can offer great benefits such as flexibility and creative freedom, it is far from being a care-free lifestyle. Having to manage your own workload, juggle multiple projects simultaneously, and meeting client expectations can definitely take its toll on your mental wellbeing and leave you feeling isolated, stressed, fatigued and burnt out. 

But the good news is you have Fiverr on your side. The platform that empowers freelancers worldwide is here to remind you that your mental wellness is not a luxury — it is a necessity. And by carving out time for self-care and mindfulness, you are investing in your own success and happiness as a freelancer. 

To support you on your mental wellness journey, Fiverr proudly presents Fiverr Ease — an exclusive collection of meditation sessions created by talented sellers within the Fiverr community. These sessions have been meticulously recorded, scripted, edited, and designed to cater specifically to the needs of freelancers.

By incorporating these meditation sessions into your daily routine, you can reduce stress, combat burnout, boost productivity, enhance creativity, and achieve personal and business growth. We invite you to embrace the power of Fiverr Ease and embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and growth.

Fiverr Ease is a testament to the collaborative and supportive nature of the Fiverr community. Fiverr fosters a sense of connection among freelancers. It is a reminder that you are not alone in your journey and that you can rely on the support and expertise of fellow freelancers.

Together, we can cultivate a community of thriving freelancers who embrace self-care, balance, and mindfulness. 

Morning Meditation

Start your day on a positive note with a guided morning meditation that sets the tone for productivity and mindfulness.

Sound Bath
Immerse yourself in a symphony of soothing sounds that promote relaxation and relieve stress.

Office Mindfulness
Discover techniques to cultivate mindfulness in your work environment.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation
Unwind, restore balance, and let go of the stress that builds up throughout your day.

Self-Care Visualization
Immerse yourself in a peaceful oasis, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit.

Piano Meditation
Experience the harmonious blend of music and mindfulness with this unique piano meditation session.

Featured Sellers: 

Jorge Sepulveda
A former Buddhist monk, currently working as a meditation coach and content creator for all things Mindfulness and Meditation related, as well as a musician with 15+ years of professional experience, teaching and performing.

Marie Wikle
A content writer and voice artist at Fiverr, specializing in guided meditation scripts. 

Dane Howard
A Certified Sound Healer, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and ambient music composer/producer from Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in creating and editing music and audio for guided meditations, Reiki and deep relaxation.

Karen Vos
Voice Artist specializing in guided meditations, sleep stories and affirmations. Karen has been working in the field of meditation for over 20 years and you can find her meditations on the App Aura and Insight Timer as well as on Youtube.

Angela Clark
Angela is an American Voice Artist specializing in guided meditations. She had the opportunity to work with clients from Intel, Samsung, Dollar Tree Stores, and Disney.

Yury Melnyk
Composer and musician from Ukraine. Yury has been working in the field of music creation since 1998. As a keyboard player I have participated in many bands and musical projects.

Lamona Studio

A creative team led by Moran Andres, specializing in illustration, animation & character design.

Netta Goldberg
Internal communications manager at Fiverr with a passion for content creation and creative collaborations with Fiverr freelancers.
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