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UGC Video Content
Why UGC Video Content is Important and How it Can Bolster Business
Find out how you can use user-generated video content to build credibility, expand your following, and make more sales, simply by letting customers speak for themselves.
How To Make a Compelling Crowdfunding Video
A compelling crowdfunding video will paint an explosive vision for your project and excite potential donors to invest in your idea. Here are a few essential tips on how t
product video marketing
3 Best Examples of Ecommerce Product Video Marketing
Ecommerce product video marketing is proven to drive engagement and boost sales. Get inspiration from these examples of ecommerce product video marketing.
social media videos
How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media
If you're looking for the secret sauce to making videos that pop, master the four keys to successful social media video creation.
product demo video
How to Make a Product Demo Video
In this guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of product demo videos - what it is, how to strategize and tips for recording.
Micro Video Marketing: How to Go Viral on Tiktok and Instagram
Micro videos are king when it comes to modern marketing. Here’s what you need to know about this effective marketing channel.
product videos
Google Loves Product Videos and You Should Too
Product videos with the proper title, description, thumbnail, and video transcripts are a great way to boost your SEO in Google search results.
unboxing video
Product Marketing in 2021: Unboxing the Unboxing Video Trend
Unboxing videos are a great marketing tactic for your small business. If you’re ready to lift the lid on your products, Fiverr can help you get started.
man blogging
You Have Time To Blog! 4 Time Saving Tips
The benefits of blogging – including the potential to dramatically increase SEO ranking, leads, and professional authority – are well known.
Videos for Businesses||Fiverr gig explainer video||fiverr video explainer gig||video explainer gig||||||
Three Types of Video Any Business Needs To Have
Everyone is telling you to make more video content to promote your business, but exactly what kind of video content should you be producing?
Gigs: Live Action Explainers and Short Video Ads
When it comes to getting your business message across and engaging with your customers, video marketing is one of the most powerful channels you can use.
YouTube Pre-Roll Videos||||||
11 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos
Pre-rolls are constantly evolving, and by now you should already be familiar with a new(ish) format of pre-rolls called Bumper Ads, which are unskippable 6 second ads.
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How To Find & Hire The Right Freelancer
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes down to choosing the right freelancer. But it doesn’t have to be.
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The Coolest Video Production Gigs on Fiverr Today
The launch of Fiverr’s two newest categories – Live-Action Explainers and Short Video Ads— has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.
video instagram marketing||rebora||explain_animate||hoodworksvideo||instagram
How to Use Video for Instagram Marketing
With around 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is a clear choice for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to get exposure and share their content.
video production||inhouse_vs_outsourcing_illustration||video-team-shooting-session||video-production-stats
Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House
By now, most marketers and entrepreneurs appreciate the power of video content and are actively strategizing on how to create the content they need.
When is a Longer Video Effective?
You’ve probably heard that when it comes to video content, “shorter is better.” And that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.
boosting video performance||social media fiverr gig||fiverr social media gig||social media gig||fiverr video seo gig||fiverr video seo gig||video seo Gig||boosting video performance
What The Hell Do I Do With My Damn Video?
Just as you optimize and tweak websites, landing pages, etc., you need to optimize your videos for the best results.
Showcase Yourself Using Fiverr Video Marketing
When it comes to content marketing, video is king.
How to Use Video to Bump Your Business
Today you can embed video in every aspect of your business’s digital identity, including your social media banners.
Meet Fiverr Pros: Digital Marketing and Animation
Fiverr Pro wouldn’t be possible without the pros themselves.
5 Novel Reasons Why Explainer Videos Get Results
Creating engaging content for your online marketing efforts isn’t just about text and graphics.
Man shooting whiteboard explainer videos||Fiverr Banner||Woman shooting a whiteboard explainer videos
Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Can Help You Win
When people watch a jaw-dropping total of 3.25 billion hours of every month on YouTube alone, things can start to blur together.
Business man watching explainer video||How Explainer Videos Boost Purchase Intent-Fiverr||How Explainer Videos Boost Purchase Intent-Fiverr||The Value of Video for Brands
Explainer Videos Boost Purchase Intent Up to 72%
Here are six reasons why explainer videos in particular drive purchase intent:
how videos can help you both inform customers while also connecting with them unlike any other marketing tactic you have tried in the past.
Video Makes the Marketing Star
Everyday consumers are bombarded with visual images that surround them both online and offline.
newsletter video
How to Include Videos in Your Newsletters
Before you do, these tips on how to build videos will make you an expert on buying within the categories:
explainer video engagement
Why Explainer Videos Increase Engagement Rates
If you run a website, blog or online business, you probably already know that sites focusing on text-based content are becoming outdated.
5 Tips to Creating a Voice-over for Videos
In the article below, we’ll dive deeper and offer five tips on how to create a great voiceover for your video production, and find the right voice for you.
video marketing
3 Types of Video Styles and How to Use Them
While you may have embraced video marketing in theory, have you put it into practice? For example, do you have an explainer video on your website’s landing page?
Video animation||Video Marketing Infographic
How Video Animation Can Help You Sell More
Fortunately, some things tend to slow potential consumers down more than others, and one of those things is video animation.
ydrawingon seller||Cătălin, White Board Animation Specialist
College paid with Animation - Ydrawing's Story
We interviewed Cătălin to learn more about him, how he got into animation, and the role Fiverr plays in his professional and personal life.
tips for gigs
5 Tips for a Great Gig Video Using Your Smartphone
Here are five tips that can help you make a high quality video with a webcam or smartphone.
Woman filming for advertising
DIY: Commercials for Your Business
Here’s a few ideas for DIY-ing a commercial for your business without breaking the bank:
video marketing
Adding a Video Can Increase Your Web Sales
Over half of marketers worldwide named video as the best content for driving ROI. And here’s why:
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