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College paid with Animation - Ydrawing's Story

Fiverr Team
May 19, 2016
ydrawingon seller||Cătălin, White Board Animation Specialist

Cătălin, aka ydrawing, wouldn’t say he’s the best illustrator on paper, but, if you give him an animation program like Adobe After Effects, you’d be amazed at what he can do.We interviewed Cătălin to learn more about him, how he got into animation, and the role Fiverr plays in his professional and personal life.

Who is Ydrawing?

Cătălin, White Board Animation Specialist

My name is Cătălin. I'm 21, living north of Romania (that country where you can find vampires) and I study Computer Science. On Fiverr I sell animations of all kinds, but my most popular Gig is whiteboard animations.

How did you get into animation?

I was always fascinated with animation... and when I was 14 or 15 years old (I'm almost 22) I needed to use Adobe After Effects for a project at school. Since I had never used it before, I started watching tutorials. Once I saw everything that could be created, my passion for animations grew tremendously. And once I got hooked on After Effects, I started working with other software, like Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier Pro. Even though I'm not good at drawing on a piece of paper, with the help of digital software, I became great at drawing digitally. So once the school project was done, I thought there must be other ways I can use my new found talent to help bring me some pocket money.

How did you hear about Fiverr? What inspired you to create your Gigs?

I found Fiverr online one day. As I was looking at the site, I saw that I could sell animations, so I put a simple intro Gig together and after just a few days I got my first sale! To be honest at first I thought there’s no way it could be this easy, but I gave it a try and I got an order. That was all I needed. From that moment on I did my best to provide good quality Gigs, while evolving my work.

Can you share some of your favorite project you've worked on?

There are so many great projects. I have over 2000 projects already delivered! Here’s one example:

While I may not have a favorite project, I do have favorite clients that I’ve worked with, who have brought me interesting projects. One in particular was something related with stocks, and I remember that I created an entire dashboard for a stock-market site in a Whiteboard Style. It was completely different from what I was used to doing, but it was great to finally complete the project and I learned so much along the way.

What advice would you give to a new seller on Fiverr?

My advice to a new Fiverr member would be, don’t give up. Although there were tough times, I kept going, and now I'm doing well.

What impact has Fiverr had on your life?

Since joining Fiverr everything has changed for me. I can afford college, I bought myself a car. I can help my family. I learned a lot of about internet marketing from my Gigs. Fiverr has had a big impact on my current career, and definitely on my future.

Thank you Cătălin for sharing your story with us! If you’d like to share your story about how Fiverr has impacted your life, please send it to us by email at

Fiverr Team
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