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Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Can Help You Win

Nicolo Grossi
April 17, 2017
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When people watch a jaw-dropping total of 3.25 billion hours of every month on YouTube alone, things can start to blur together. If you're an entrepreneur hoping to be discovered using the same old “talking-head on white backdrop" format, well, you've got a tough road ahead of you.

There's intense competition out there, so you'll have to differentiate to be noticed. And you know what really stands out? Whiteboard explainer videos, which break down complex topics quickly and simply in an entertaining way that captures people's attention. But why do they work so well?

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14 Reasons Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Excel at Converting Customers

1. They're in a format your audience is already familiar with.

    These videos seem more authentic because they explain things in the exact same way that we're already conditioned to receive teachings from someone who's really enthusiastic about their topic: on a whiteboard. (In fact, according to
    The Guardian
    , that's how this whole craze started.)

2. They can significantly increase sales.

    The cofounder of the app SQFT, Mark Kreloff, credits his whiteboard animation videos with increasing his app sales 500%. A five-fold
    sales lift
    from paying people to draw on a whiteboard? Yes, please.

3. They make visitors twice as likely to recommend your service.

    Whiteboard videos
    are a welcome breath of creativity amidst an ocean of boring and poorly produced corporate videos. Their high contrast background makes them stand out from other videos, and viewers enjoy them so much that, according to
    one particular study
    , they are twice as likely to buy or recommend the service.

4. They explain complicated topics quickly and simply.

    People are looking for quick answers and whiteboard videos deliver the absolute essentials of your story in a way that's clear and engaging.Indeed, the UK-based Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts leverages them to explain highly complex topics like human behavior or the education system and has achieved a total of 46 million views on this series

5. Good whiteboard videos can help your business win awards.

    The Harvard Business Services Group won an award for its website after filling it with whiteboard videos. A little social proof goes a long way towards convincing customers that you're among the best.

6. They engage viewers and increase comprehension.

    Whiteboard explainer videos create an addictive anticipation as people try to guess what's being drawn. Viewers are surprised at each turn, and this surprise factor is the key to being remembered, according to research presented in
    Scientific American
    . In a study, fMRI scanners revealed that surprise causes the brain to release dopamine, creating instant awareness. This causes your video's viewers to commit your brand to short and long-term memory.

7. They're naturally fun.

    Whiteboard videos are fun and make viewers receptive to your message. As Dr. Richard Wiseman, professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and an avid animator himself, says, “One thing [whiteboard animation] does is make me laugh, and it puts me in a good mood," which means that “more information is just going in. "In fact, here is an
    animated video
    of Dr. Wiseman explaining it himself

8. They have higher conversions.

    Whiteboard marketing videos are fundamentally educational and they give viewers what's been called "an excitement for discovery," which makes it far more likely that they'll convert on its call to action.

9. They're highly shareable and naturally viral.

    Beyond how the videos work, they also get found at a much higher rate simply because people love sharing them. Rather than having to promote your videos yourself, you can include social sharing buttons and let your audience do it for you.

10. They perform well on mobile.

    46% of millennials
    watch video on mobile, and whiteboard videos are naturally high-contrast and well-formatted for viewing on mobile devices.

11. They're well-suited for viewers watching on the go.

    According to
    , 85% of mobile videos are watched without sound. Why? Because viewers are often commuting and don't want to disrupt others. Whiteboard videos are perfect in this case because they convey lots of information visually.

12. A majority of millennials would rather watch an explainer video.

    Studies have found that around 60% of millennials would rather view a video than read a newsletter. Whiteboard explainer videos make it incredibly easy for them to grasp a topic.

13. They're great for reaching B2B decision-makers

    According to
    , 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. They're busy, and they appreciate mediums that respect their time and few methods of reaching them are more clear and concise than whiteboard videos.

14. Searches for explanation videos are increasing.

According to research by Think With Google, “how-to" searches have been increasing 70% each year, which means that your whiteboard videos are something that people are already seeking.

What do you think makes a good whiteboard video? Find expert whiteboard animators on Fiverr to help engage your audience.

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Nicolo Grossi
SEO & content marketing expert with 7+ years experience, working at Fiverr since 2016 Nicolo is responsible to follow and implement SEO’s best practices and inbound marketing strategies in order to increase reach and exposure.
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