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How to Use Video to Bump Your Business

Ben Conde
September 5, 2017

Videos engage customers with sight and sound. Today you can embed video in every aspect of your business's digital identity, including your social media banners. To set a consistent tone and establish your brand in every video you publish, turn to custom video bumpers, which are short clips that play at the beginning or end of any video. They display a logo, contact information, slogans, and anything else related to your business. (Think of them like the title sequence and studio logos that bracket your favorite TV shows.) The right bumper establishes your attitude and identity, getting people to pay attention and sending them away with a call to action. Skilled Fiverr video artists can put the right video bumpers to work for businesses in a variety of industries, including the following:


For many people, there's nothing more soothing than a spa. Just thinking about the word starts to evoke the smell of eucalyptus, the sound of gentle music, and the blissful release of a massage. Bumpers with low-key, natural colors and a languid style can promise that level of relaxation to your customer from the moment a video begins, then remind them again in the closing bumper. Arise92's mesmerizing handwritten-style bumpers are a great choice. They show off the kind of simplicity and grace that puts an audience at ease.

Mechanics and Repair Specialists

Gears, tools, and the clank of metal spring come to mind when thinking of auto repair and industrial maintenance. So consider an intro bumper like sebski22 offers. His Transformers-style intro will morph your logo into a whirring piece of machinery that clicks itself together. It immediately communicates your skill and mechanical expertise, putting customers in the mindset to hear the rest of your message.

Computer Tech

Tapping keys, blinking cursors, and a clicking mouse all set the scene for computer and digital tech specialists. Emphasize your high-tech business with these familiar, universal images and draw customers in for the rest of your promo video. For a more high-tech look, consider turning to fbrcold for exciting bumpers inspired by the Mission Impossible series.


Gone are the days when video and print were polar opposites. Today, video helps storytellers and e-book sellers communicate with customers. Audiences respond to film-style trailers for all kinds of tales, not just those on the big screen. Consider accenting a promotion for a novel or online periodical with more than just your cover image and author bio. Fiverr doers like stankovski create dynamic bumpers that pair thrilling music with magic sparks, flame flares, shattering glass, and the thrill of a motion picture into a book promo.


If you're in fashion, you need to declare a bold, unique style. Fashion enthusiasts want to know that you can be just as confident and in-your-face as they strive to be. Invest in video bumpers that declare, in no uncertain terms, your ability to make a strong and transformative statement. Fiverr doer iamanika shows us a great starting point. The wide, colorful brushstrokes show off a daring, rapid transformation between styles. If the music doesn't suit your image, bring in a fresh sound that represents your brand.

A great bumper can also serve as a stand-alone brand identity when there's no time to run a longer promo video. When paired with a simple “Coming Soon" slide, you can start with bumpers and tease customers into watching more content. This allows you to expand your video production and publish full-length clips on a regular basis when you're ready. It's a great way to keep customers engaged between purchases.

Are you just discovering the power of video to help promote your business? What would you want video bumpers to tell your customers? Let us know in the comments.

Ben Conde
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