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5 Novel Reasons Why Explainer Videos Get Results

Ben Conde
June 6, 2017

Creating engaging content for your online marketing efforts isn't just about text and graphics. One of the most powerful current trends is animated “explainer" videos that introduce your product, explain your services, and guide new customers through the process of working with your company.These videos (which can be made by experts on Fiverr) can take many formats, but one of the most popular is the use of a whiteboard with plain handwritten text, or simple cartoon animations, to help tell the story of your product, service, or brand.Explainer videos can be surprisingly simple, but they help get big results – they can improve purchase intent, increase conversions, and even reduce the volume of customer service calls or tech support queries. Videos are a versatile, powerful marketing tool, and explainer videos serve a special purpose in the world of video marketing. Here's how they can help your business get better results:

1. Explainer videos are more personal and engaging than text.

According to the Wyzowl 2016 State of Video Marketing survey, site visitors prefer video: 98% of users said that they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and 69% of users said that if both text and video are available on the same site, they would prefer see video to learn about a product or service. Explainer videos can convey a sense of personality and serve as a 24/7 virtual sales pitch to build relationships with your customers.

2. Explainer videos get people to spend more time on your website.

The more time someone spends on your website, the better your Google results. When you have an explainer video on your site, people tend to stay longer than they would without a video – this reduces your bounce rate and can improve your Google search ranking.

3. Explainer videos boost sales.

Surveys have shown that 45% of businesses that use video say that they have an explainer video on their website's homepage, while 72% of those businesses believe that it has improved their conversion rate. Around 64% of businesses believe that featuring video has resulted in bigger sales.

4. Explainer videos are versatile.

In addition to posting an explainer video on your homepage for visitors to find, you can also use your video in a more proactive way by sharing it on social media or sending it via email. 78% of businesses that use video said that they have found social media to be an effective tactic for sharing their explainer videos, while a similar amount of users said that they would share a branded video with their friends on social media if it was entertaining.

5. Explainer videos help improve customer service.

Most people might think that explainer videos only help boost sales, but there is an unexpected benefit: They can also enhance your relationship with customers. A majority of surveyed businesses who use explainer videos believe that the videos have helped users to better understand their product or service. When people can use a convenient video to get an answer to their question or solve their problem, they don't have to call your support staff. This frees up more time for your employees to address other problems and improves customer satisfaction.If you're thinking about revamping the design of your website, don't forget to include an explainer video. Talented freelancers on Fiverr can create a simple-but-effective animated explainer video that can help your customers understand your product and get a sense of how your company can benefit them.

Have you ever used explainer videos on your website? What results did you achieve? What are your favorite examples of powerful, effective explainer videos that you've seen?

Ben Conde
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