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11 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos

Yoav Hornung
January 4, 2018
YouTube Pre-Roll Videos||||||

We all know them. we even tend to call them “annoying” and by instinct we hover our cursor right on top of the part that says “you can skip in 5..4..3..2..1”

These are the Pre-roll video ads, of course.Pre-rolls are constantly evolving, and by now you should already be familiar with a new(ish) format of pre-rolls called Bumper Ads, which are unskippable 6 second ads. Regardless of your ability to skip an ad or not, one thing is pretty clear: these ads have to be creative and original.With that in mind, we’d love to showcase here a collection of pre-rolls that you just won’t be able to skip (even when you technically - can’t)Here are a few examples of some creative Pre-Roll videos that have implemented this strategy and have nailed it. These should be great references for you to spark your imagination, when you think of your next pre-roll. Note that some of these videos require literally - almost no budget!

1. SurveyMonkey - Tells a funny story as to why you should’ve used them, in just 6 seconds. Brilliant!

2. A divorce law firm reminds us that shit happens in life.

3. A UK job site uses an old trick

4. Mercedes uses lightning fast-paced editing and great sound design to make the audience feel what reaching 60 MPH in 3.8 seconds means

5. This mouth watering ad will make you want to bite these donuts

6. Burger King's best pre-roll ever, actually 64 of them-- each one based on what the viewer was about to watch, making it much more dynamic and relevant

7. VW skipped the ad for you. (after you got the message of course).

8. Geico: This video is part of bigger campaign with videos that are actually 30-60 seconds long, but you just wouldn’t have skipped them. Wanna bet?

9. Geico earns another spot in the list with this brilliant ad - can you guess the aspect ratio this video will end in?

10. After acquiring the rights to all 236 episodes of “Friends,” Netflix made the show relevant to a whole new generation of fans with a pre-roll campaign that was adaptive and responsive to popular searches on YouTube. Check out the case study here:

11. We just had to share another one by SurveyMonkey…

Checkout some of the best Pre-Rolls Gigs on Fiverr that will help you stand out from the rest..

So, to sum up, although people tend to skip ads when they can, they don’t really do it when the ads are creative, fun and engaging.

The good part about pre-rolls being very short is that usually, you don’t need to think about a too complicated script, but mainly a funny, clever idea. Also - Keep in mind that these super short videos can be extracted from a longer video, that you already have. More on repurposing existing videos, soon!

So what pre-roll did you like the most? Seen one we haven’t? Please share with us

Yoav Hornung
Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. I’m responsible for making the category a professional and up to date service for both - Buyers and Sellers. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at, video production marketplace that was acquired by Fiverr.
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