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Gigs: Live Action Explainers and Short Video Ads

Alexandra Rose
January 5, 2018

When it comes to getting your business message across and engaging with your customers, video marketing is one of the most powerful channels you can use. Video is a great way to grab attention — from whiteboards to intros, and promotions to editing. Here at Fiverr, we’ve got you covered. Because we understand the power of video, we’re pleased to introduce two new services for buyers and sellers — Live Action Explainers, and Short Video Ads.

These services let buyers take advantage of powerful, punchy, engaging media, and give our sellers more ways to use their skills and talents to grow your business. You may be wondering, what’s the ideal way to use each service? We’re glad you asked — here’s our breakdown of what you can expect from each, and why you might choose to use it in your video marketing.

Short Video Ads — Great for Capturing Attention and Clear Calls to Action

Short-form video ads typically run for fewer than 15 seconds, and are designed to get your key message and product across as quickly as possible. These types of short ads are a great way to reinforce your messaging, and are best used as a supplement to your other advertising and marketing channels. And like most marketing materials, they need a strong call to action.

Short video ads are best used to drive action as well as reinforce and remind people about your brand and products. They’re ideal for sharing on social media sites, and placing as pre-roll or mid-roll ads on YouTube or other video marketing channels.

The Best Way to Take Advantage of Short Video Ads

Google says that these ads are best used in three ways — tease, amplify, and echo.

  • Tease — like a trailer or teaser for a film, these ads pique curiosity and encourage people to find out more. They build interest and intrigue.
  • Amplify — these types of ads can be run alongside longer videos or other marketing channels. They take your main marketing messaging and run with it, building on benefits and ideas to increase your impact and reach.
  • Echo — these ads reinforce your branding and message after customers have been exposed to your other marketing. They’re ideal for encouraging action from potential consumers who are already interested.

The most important aspects of short video ads are:

  • They need to grab attention quickly and hold it for a few seconds.
  • They must reinforce your other marketing channels and messaging.
  • They need a clear, concise, and easy call to action.

Why not review our short video ad Gigs today and take your video marketing to the next level?

Live Action Explainer Videos — Great for Engaging with Your Audience and Building Trust

Live action explainer videos are great for putting a human face on a digital business. Trust is in short supply online, and one of the best ways to build that trust is through creating connections with people. We’re naturally drawn to human faces and voices, so an explainer video that shares useful information from a real person, in a friendly, approachable way is great for engaging with your customers.

Live action videos make your company more real to your audience. When you want your customers to feel like individuals, this type of content is great for helping everyone feel valued. Live action explainers can also be a fantastic part of your customer service and self-diagnosis strategy, giving people the information and insight they need to learn about your products and services.

The Best Way to Take Advantage of Live Action Explainer Videos

Here’s how to make the most of this powerful type of video marketing.

  • Live action explainers are great if you’re selling physical goods, especially if the person in the video is interacting with the product.
  • A live action video works best if it aligns with the brand of your business — it can highlight the approach, personality, and care your business has for its consumers.
  • Customer service and support are especially well-supported by these types of videos. Creating guides to your more common products is a big value add for your customers.

Explore our live action explainer videos now to learn how they can help you. There you have it. Two great new video marketing services that you can start taking advantage immediately. Head on over to our video section now and you’ll find the perfect, engaging video Gigs to help you grab attention.

Still not sure if Live Action Explainers or Short Video Ads are right for your business? Ask us your questions in the comments below!

Alexandra Rose
Categories Merchandising Manager at Fiverr. Our core focus is helping people get things done. As a merchandiser, it's my passion to help current and future customers understand Fiverr as a destination to achieve their goals--whatever they may be--and navigate the marketplace effectively.
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