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DIY: Commercials for Your Business

Ben Blanki
May 3, 2016
Woman filming for advertising

You’ve heard about the budgets that it can take to create some of the most successful commercials out there, and it might feel like making an video ad is simply out of reach for your company. However, with a little creativity and a little help from Fiverr, making your own commercial is not only possible, it’s easy. Whatever your business and whatever your style, creating a unique and attention-grabbing commercial doesn’t have to destroy your budget. Here’s a few ideas for DIY-ing a commercial for your business without breaking the bank:

Show Your Passion

Nobody knows your business like you do, and nobody is as passionate about your business as you so why shouldn’t you be the person to spread the word? Sometimes the simplest thing can be the most effective. Consider making a video – a short one – featuring yourself speaking about what your business does and why you’re the best. They say enthusiasm is contagious, so show people why you’re so enthusiastic about what you do!

Get Animated

Whether you go for funny, cute, explanatory or all of the above – animated videos can be a great way to advertise your business. Animations allow for creativity and imagination to take the reins, making them a more flexible and amusing vehicle for commercials. With Fiverr, getting a professionally done animation is also budget friendly. Check out these animated videos by Miragework, or these fun minion videos by Ninemotion. With animation, the possibilities are endless and on Fiverr there’s no shortage of talented and creative sellers to make your vision a reality.

Illustrate Your Business

If you like the idea of animation but need something that will present your business clearly and succinctly, then a whiteboard illustration video might be the perfect solution. These simple yet impactful videos can succinctly show potential customers who you are and what you do. Whiteboard illustrations and explainer videos are such a successful medium for commercials, that we have an entire category dedicated to them.

Do Something Catchy

Not feeling the video vibe? Or want a little music to take your movie to the next level? Jingles can be an incredibly effective way to stick in your customers’ minds and make an impression that lasts beyond the length of your commercial. Getting a professional quality level jingle can be a great way to get creative with creating your own commercial, and in our jingle category we’ve got Gigs ranging from instrumental to urban and everything in between.

Be Adventurous

When it comes to making your own commercial, there’s really no limit to what you can do. Take a leap of faith and go bold! Don’t be afraid to do something that shows viewers that your company is all about adventure and excitement. The sky’s the limit with possibilities like this video of a jet with your logo dropping your flyers, or explore new depths with this video of your message being written underwater. If you thought a limited budget had to limit the thrill factor of your DIY commercial, then think again! Making a DIY commercial might seem like a daunting task, but with these ideas you’ll have a professional quality video that will have heads turning and your accountant smiling. As an entrepreneur, you’re already used to achieving the impossible and pushing the envelope, creating your own commercial should be no different. Have any tips we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Ben Blanki
Growth Hacker & CRO Team Lead at Fiverr. Constantly testing strategies and funnels for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.
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