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The Coolest Video Production Gigs on Fiverr Today

Adam Winograd
December 20, 2017
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With the launch of Fiverr’s two newest sub-categories focused around video-- Live-Action Explainers and Short Video Ads-- a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to take your video content to new heights. For the first time, live-action video production is readily available on Fiverr--access to actors, multiple locations, green screens, special effects--you name it.

On top of that, these talented videographers and editors can take that content and edit it into short video ads that are perfectly suited for all the hottest formats, from vertical videos for Snapchat, to square videos on Instagram, to non-skippable bumper ads for YouTube. Check out some of the coolest video production Gigs available on Fiverr right now!

Shoot drone footage anywhere in the country Don’t rely on your 12-year-old cousin to get you drone footage. This Gig allows you to source, shoot, and even get edited drone footage from FAA-approved drone pilots across the US:

drone footage fiverr gig

Showcase your physical products beautifully With this Gig, you can physically send your products to these talented creators who will shoot them in their best light and edit them into digestible, fun product videos perfect for your ecommerce site or social media:

product video gig fiverr
fiverr product video gig

Create your very own Buzzfeed-host style video This popular viral format (a simple look and feel, captioned titles, b-roll and ample use of Emojis and other funny asides) is all the rage on social media these days. Get your very own from this talented LA-based seller:

buzz feed style video fiverr gig

Get your own Top-down Buzzfeed “Tasty” Style Recipe or Product Videos Who doesn’t start salivating when they see those delicious-looking recipe videos come to life as if viewed from above. This approach is now also being employed in product videos as well. Check it out for yourself!

fiverr food video gig
fiverr food video gigs
fiverr food short video gigs

Go Vertical! Go SqSquare! Go...Trapezoid? Horizontal videos are so “2000-and-late!” Just kidding--but there are many new formats that consumers are eating up across social media. Vertical videos are the preferred way to consume content now on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. With this Gig, you can get a video custom-shot with the dimensions of of vertical in mind:

fiverr gig

This guy has one of the best Gig videos on Fiverr and can deliver in vertical- or any other format:

fiverr seller gig

And if you have existing horizontal footage but need it edited to fit other formats, this Gig is perfect for resizing:

fiverr video gig


This is just a taste of some of the exciting things brewing in the new video categories on Fiverr! If you have other video deliverables or formats you’d love to see on Fiverr, let us know in the comments below!

Adam Winograd
Brand Marketing Manager at Fiverr. Adam is responsible for ideation and execution of integrated online and offline brand campaigns and activations, including sponsorships, partnerships, content experiences, and collaborations.
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