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How To Make a Compelling Crowdfunding Video

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July 11, 2022

So, you're a creative genius and have a brilliant new project you want to work on. The only problem? You need some funding to move this idea from the grand playground in your brain to the physical world you're living in. While asking your friends and family members to throw in some crispy bills towards your endeavor is a great starting point, getting in front of even more people to see if they'd be willing to offer financial support is even more helpful. To do this though, you'll need to use a crowdfunding platform and create one stellar crowdfunding video.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Crowdfunding is a fundraising tactic where numerous people donate funding to support your venture. Typically, crowdfunding occurs on digital platforms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or Indiegogo. These platforms allow you to create a crowdfunding campaign where you can explain your idea, add related photos or videos, and ask for general donations and/or offer incentives in exchange for specific donation amounts.

Why is a Crowdfunding Video Important?

Just like how you can't always sense someone's tone in a text message, you can't always sense the passion behind words on a screen. And while explaining your project through text and photos is perfectly adequate, the most successful crowdfunding campaigns often include a powerful crowdfunding video.

A strong crowdfunding video provides a brilliant, well-rounded visual for what the overall project will entail. Through interviews, blueprints, and exclusive sneak peeks, crowdfunding videos break down in detail how the funds will be used and allow the audience to see and feel the passion of the project creators. While there isn't one textbook way to create a crowdfunding video, there are certain things to consider to ensure your crowdfunding video is as thorough and engaging as possible.

5 Tips for Creating a Compelling Crowdfunding Video

A successful crowdfunding video will excite the audience and encourage them to invest in your project. To do that, there are certain aspects to include in your video.

1. Explain the Project

To make a compelling crowdfunding video, users first need to understand what the actual project is. Whether you're creating a product, launching a business, or shooting a short film, explain in clear detail what the overall vision of the project is and offer specific pieces of information that aren't listed in your general written project overview.

2. Break Down What You Need

In order to create your project, what do you need? Breaking down the items you need and telling the audience what their funds will go towards should be transparent so the audience knows exactly what they will be contributing towards.

3. Geek Out About the "Why"

Explaining the "why" comes in two parts. A powerful crowdfunding video will show the passion of the creator and explain why this project is so important to them. As the creator, allow yourself to geek out and gush over why this project is close to your heart and what the overall mission is.

The second part of the "why" is just as important. To really convert a user from a 'lurker' to an active contributor is to connect with them and help them see why donating to your project is beneficial for them. If you can present a solution to a problem they're having, or if the project simply speaks to a personal connection in their own life, you'll have a greater chance of persuading your audience to invest in your crowdfunding campaign.

4. Offer a Sneak Peek

An engaging crowdfunding video will give the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the product, business, or endeavor. This part can take some pre-planning. If you're creating a product, have renderings, a prototype, or a product demo reel to visually map out what the product will look like and how it will function once complete. If you're shooting a short film, arrange interviews with the cast and crew, or give a special tour of the shooting space, costumes, or anything else that can help potential donors to visualize what the completed film will look like.

5. End with a Timeline and Call To Action

When wrapping up your crowdfunding video, it's helpful to offer an estimated timeline before asking your audience to take action. Offering a timeline will add a sense of urgency to your project and will let donors know when they can expect to see initial progress. Conclude the video with gratitude and by asking for donations. If you're offering incentives, briefly cover some of the exciting giveaways you have to offer so people are more inclined to review the giving options after watching your video.

Plan Your Next Crowdfunding Video

Creating a crowdfunding video is a great way to gain exposure and excite a community of interested parties to support your idea. By thoroughly explaining your idea, oozing passion and determination for the project, and painting a visual for how the funding will be used to create this magical, new project, you can successfully kickoff your crowdfunding campaign.

Need a little help getting started? Find an innovative partner to help you create or strategize a phenomenal video by browsing through highly skilled crowdfunding freelancers at Fiverr to help you create your next crowdfunding video.

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