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3 Best Examples of Ecommerce Product Video Marketing

Fiverr Team
January 12, 2022
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Most people prefer watching a quick product video over reading long blocks of texts.

After all, videos are easier and more fun to consume than text-based content.

Videos also allow you to present elements of your products that you can’t pull off with written content alone.
While marketing videos continue to saturate the ecommerce industry, there are ways to make your product videos stand out to engage and convert your prospects effectively.

If you’re unsure what videos to create, you can take inspiration from the three best examples of ecommerce product video marketing from this post.

Benefits of Ecommerce Product Videos

Consider the benefits below if you’re still thinking twice about investing in ecommerce product videos.

  • Easier to digest. If your target audience has the option to choose between reading a long article about your product versus watching a one- to two-minute video, you can bet they’ll choose the latter. (If we’re being honest, you and I will probably do the same.)
  • Highly engaging. Videos are a lot more engaging because they convey messages in a multi-dimensional way. The viewers can see the facial expression and body language of those in the video. They can also hear the diction and intonation of their voices. This creates a more descriptive and more engaging experience for the viewers.
  • Tried and tested. According to Elite Content Marketer, 66% of people preferred watching a short video over reading text-based articles to learn about a product or service.  

The figure demonstrates how powerful and effective ecommerce product videos are. If you’re not using it, but your competitors are, you’re losing TONS of money without you knowing it.

3 Best Examples of Ecommerce Product Videos

Your ecommerce product video marketing strategies should be developed based on your business goals.

However, there are excellent examples that you can emulate and use to learn a thing or two.  

Example 1: Tutorial Product Video

A tutorial product video offers an excellent channel to show your potential customers how to use your innovative products.  

A good how-to video example is BioLite’s portable grill instruction video.

The video (complete with voiceover) shows how the product looks in its packaging plus its inclusions.

You’ll also see how quick and easy it is to set up the item, cook in, and pack away after use. Additionally, the video highlights how the product is portable and easy to clean.

Showcasing these features and conveying their value using only text and static images would be challenging.

Using a short instructional video is a more effective way to help your audiences understand your product, how it works, and they can benefit from it.

Example 2: Entertaining Video

People love entertaining content.

This makes entertaining product videos ecommerce one of the best ways to drive engagement and, in turn, convert prospects into paying customers.

Blendtec’s “Will It Blend” video series is a great example.

It entertains and informs while promoting the brand’s product.  

The person in the video series blends whatever object he can get his hands on—from crayons to smartphones. Audiences can get a kick out of watching things getting blended while the brand can promote its product’s quality and durability.

Example 3: Close-up Video

Videos that show your products from various angles and in close-ups can give your potential customers a good idea about the items they’re buying.

It’s one way of reassuring them and telling them what to expect from your products. This way,  shoppers won’t have to rely only on their imagination or your static images and descriptions.  

The Panasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver ES-SL33 product video is a great example of this.

The video shows a CGI representation of the product in all its glory from multiple angles. It shows audiences a close look and showcases what’s behind the item’s technology.

Create Stunning Ecommerce Product Videos

Why give your competitors an unfair advantage over you with their product videos when you can create ecommerce product videos at scale without breaking the bank?

Reach out to highly skilled and affordable freelance video creators and marketers on our platform now if you’re ready to skyrocket your ecommerce sales.

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