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Adding a Video Can Increase Your Web Sales

Gil Laktush
January 27, 2016
video marketing

You’ve done it. You’ve built a great website for your business. You’ve added high quality photos, well-written explanations of the services you offer, and calls to action on every page. But something is missing; your sales are not converting as much as you anticipated.Many small business websites are not utilizing one of the best strategies in e-commerce - video. Over half of marketers worldwide named video as the best content for driving ROI. And here’s why…

Improved Search Results

Google’s algorithm favors sites with video which means if you have video content on your site, your website will be ranked higher in potential customer’s search results. And that means a better chance for customers to actually get onto your website.

More Interesting Content

And once they get to your website, a video will keep them there. A video is far more compelling than a static photo. Video’s give you the opportunity to share your story and tell potential buyers what makes your product or service so special (and why it may be better than your competitors). In fact, 65% of video viewers will watch more than half of your video, which should provide them with enough time to familiarize themselves with your product. There are all kinds of videos you can create- it doesn’t just have to be a talking head. There’s a variety of video types (e.g. illustrations, whiteboard animations) to effectively convey your message.#Protip: Make sure to place your video 'above the fold' (the upper portion of your website) so it’s immediately visible to shoppers when they arrive.

More Shareable

Finally, videos are more likely to be shared, because they’re easier to share. If you’re linking your video from your YouTube or Vimeo page, all of the sharing functionality is built right in. We all know there’s no better validation than a referral from a friend or valued peer, so the lower the barrier is to share, the better chance for word to get out to potential new customers.

So, think you’ll take the plunge into video for your website? Or have you already and are you seeing results? Share below.

Gil Laktush
Head of SEO at Fiverr. In this role, he oversees the creation of inbound marketing and all SEO efforts for Fiverr company. Prior to Fiverr, Gil has spent 8+ years in various SEO and Digital Marketing positions.
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