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How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

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December 22, 2021
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Millions of videos are shared on social media every day. So, how will your short video stand out online?

Creating videos for your brand or business can be intimidating. Still, with the right strategies, you can successfully create short videos for social media that people will actually watch and share. It all comes down to coming up with the right idea, targeting a specific audience, grabbing their attention, and presenting a polished final product.

4 Keys to Creating Engaging Short Videos for Social Media

A well-executed series of videos can do wonders for your brand on social media. But if it flops, that's a lot of wasted time and effort. If you're looking for the secret sauce to making videos that pop, master the four keys to successful social media video creation below:

1. Develop a Concept

The first step for creating any video content is to develop a concept. You need to come up with an idea that is compelling and effective.

Start with some inspiration. Look at what your competitors or other major brands are producing. Look at what videos are going viral on TikTok or YouTube. This will give you a sense of what makes for an effective social media video and hopefully give you some ideas for videos you can do to promote your brand.

If you're still struggling to come up with concepts for short videos for social media, do some more research. Look at your most trafficked or shared blog posts to see what has resonated with your followers in the past.

2. Target an Audience

When developing your concepts, it is important to consider the audience you are going after. Used properly, this information will affect the content of your video and which social media channels you will prioritize. It is important that you appear genuine to your target audience, which means knowing what they like, how they talk, and what they value. Focus on posting your video to social media platforms whose user demographics align with your target audience the most.

3. Capture Attention Quickly

You only have a couple of seconds, if that, to capture the attention of the viewer before they move on to another video. Attention spans on the internet are short, so you'll need to start stimulating viewers right away.

Here are some effective ways to keep them watching:

  • Make a visual impact right away with an appealing cover image.
  • Use a hook, such as an attention-grabbing fact, a cute animal, or an unusual character.
  • Appeal to an emotion such as excitement, curiosity, inspiration. Once a viewer is emotionally invested, they'll keep watching.
  • Jump on a trend with your own parody or homage.
  • Use video descriptions to create a sense of urgency.

What works best for your video depends on your brand image and target audience. Ultimately, you'll often need to be bold to create an effective video that captures viewers' attention online.

4. Make it Look Professional

Another critical component of creating an engaging video is to make it as professional as possible. This doesn't mean you have to invest in expensive equipment, but rather you need to put in the time to create a quality product. Viewers aren't going to be engaged if your video has bad visual composition or low-quality audio. While you can shoot a compelling video with nothing more than an iPhone, you can also do a whole lot more when you hire a team of freelancers to handle tasks such as:

If you don't have the time to get the fine details right, you should consider hiring freelancers online to help you with your project. Getting help to handle aspects of production that you aren't so skilled with will help tremendously in terms of creating a polished finished product. This also gives you more time to fine-tune details of your concept and your distribution strategy.

Make an Impact with Short Videos for Social Media

If done well, creating engaging videos for your company's social media channels can have an enormous impact on the business. To create high-quality videos that pop online in a reasonable amount of time, it is best to work with a team. Find video marketers with access to the best tools for social media on Fiverr and get started with your campaign today.

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