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Adam Winograd
Customer Success and Insights at Fiverr. Adam is responsible for managing Fiverr PRO sellers, particularly in the Video + Animation category, as well as uncovering customer and product insights across the org.

Three Types of Video Any Business Needs To Have

Everyone is telling you to make more video content to promote your business, but exactly what kind of video content should you be producing? Knowing...

The Coolest Video Production Gigs on Fiverr Right Now

With the launch of Fiverr’s two newest sub-categories focused around video-- Live-Action Explainers and Short Video Ads-- a whole new world of possibilities has opened...

How to Use Video for Instagram Marketing

With around 800 million monthly active users (500 million daily!), Instagram is a clear choice for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to get exposure and...

Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House

By now, most marketers and entrepreneurs appreciate the power of video content and are actively strategizing on how to create the content they need. ...

When is a Longer Video Effective?

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to video content, “shorter is better.” And that’s a pretty good rule of thumb. If your video...

What The Hell Do I Do With My Damn Video? (For...

Pat yourself on the back. You got a professional video made for your business—maybe even on Fiverr! You’re pretty happy with the final product...only now...
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