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Sea The Love: Fiverr’s First Children’s Book

Adam Winograd
June 16, 2021

This year for LGBTQ+ Pride month, Fiverr has partnered with YouTubers Rose and Rosie and talented LGBTQ+ freelancers and allies in our community to co-create a children’s book about diversity, acceptance, and representation of different family structures. Why? Because we believe in equality, eliminating borders and accepting others' differences.

With their first baby on the way, Rose and Rosie likewise wanted to create an inclusive book that reflected the diversity of nontraditional family types.

Sea The Love: A Book About Families explores these themes with a whimsical under the sea theme set in a classroom of young sea animals. The story follows Dash the Dolphin as he spends the day talking to fellow students, uncovering the unique aspects of each animal’s families, and finally, realizing that what truly defines a family is not its particular members, but the love they share.

Of course, the book was written and illustrated with the help of two amazingly talented Fiverr LGBTQ+ freelancers: Judy Kaufmann (Illustrator) and Jefferey Spivey (Writer)

We’re also thrilled to be able to offer the book in translation to six other languages (besides English)!: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch!

Please check out the video that Rose + Rosie made documenting the process of making the book.

You can also download the book in the language of your choice here!

Adam Winograd
Brand Marketing Manager at Fiverr. Adam is responsible for ideation and execution of integrated online and offline brand campaigns and activations, including sponsorships, partnerships, content experiences, and collaborations.
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