It’s “April Schools’ Day!”

Adam Winograd
April 1, 2022
online learning

Every year, companies and corporations roll out their latest April Fools’ Day prank video or faux “shocking” announcements. But this year, we decided to flip April Fools’ Day on its head and actually provide you with some real value.

Which is why we’re announcing “April Schools’ Day,” a day to embrace your inner fool and novice and learn something new. It’s time to get schooled.

How? We’ve partnered with CreativeLive, an online learning platform with thousands of classes (and a new member of the Fiverr family), to bring you a special offer.

For today only, CreativeLive is giving you one month of classes for $5, from the world’s top experts in everything from photography, design, entrepreneurship and more. In fact there are over 2000 classes and you can take any of them on-demand! 

Some of their most notable instructors include Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jasmine Star, Daymond John, Nigel Barker and more!  

Over 10 million students have grown their skills with their world-class instructors, and now you can join that community with this special April Schools’ Day offer!


Adam Winograd
Brand Marketing Manager at Fiverr. Adam is responsible for ideation and execution of integrated online and offline brand campaigns and activations, including sponsorships, partnerships, content experiences, and collaborations.
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