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The Winner of Fiverr’s “Art of Speed” Contest

Adam Winograd
December 11, 2019

A few weeks ago on a rainy weekend in Northern Italy, Fiverr capped off our “Art of Speed” contest with the racing innovation company Griiip. After reviewing hundreds of amazing submissions from designers around the world, we chose the Hot Wheels inspired design created by the insanely talented German artist Steffen Heil (@trippiesteff on Fiverr).  

We flew Steffen to Italy and brought him to the racetrack in Varano so he could see his work come to life. Griiip took care of producing the livery for the car, and secured the Italian race car driver Luca Filippi to drive it in the last race of the season!

The weekend was full of high drama and anticipation, as severe weather and torrential rains threatened to derail the race. On Day 1, the qualifying round, Luca placed second overall, missing first by just 0.3 seconds. On Day 2, the final races, only one practice session ran before the rain canceled the first final. Thankfully, late in the day the skies cleared just enough to allow the drivers to race for the win in the final heat of the day.

Despite the dangerous road conditions, Luca placed 2nd place on the podium, inched out by the Israeli racer Yarin Stern. Still, Steffen’s unique design was unmistakable compared to all the others on the track.

The contest was the culmination of a year long partnership with Griiip, who are democratizing the world of motorsports in the same way that Fiverr is democratizing access to world class talent.

The partnership of our global Fiverr community of doers and Griiip’s mission to bring motorsport to the masses maintains our brands’ core values around using technology to lower the barriers to allow anyone to pursue their passions through innovation and access.

As part of our sponsorship, Griiip’s G1 Racing Series became the “G1 Series – Powered By Fiverr” and included Fiverr branding throughout the Griiip data platform and on-track experience. Fiverr also re-designed the livery of several of Griiip’s drivers using only Fiverr sellers from our community.

Would you opt for a traditional or non-traditional design? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Adam Winograd
Brand Marketing Manager at Fiverr. Adam is responsible for ideation and execution of integrated online and offline brand campaigns and activations, including sponsorships, partnerships, content experiences, and collaborations.
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