Business Tips

Hiring First Employee
What Is the First Employee Blossoming Businesses Should Hire?
If you're starting a new business, a virtual assistant is one of the first employees you should hire. Fiverr can help you find the best fit.
Paying contractors and freelancers
The Best Ways to Pay Contractors and Freelancers in 2023
How to pay freelancers and contractors? In this article, we'll cover what you need to know and list down the payment systems and apps that should be on your radar.
Small Business Loans
How Small Business Loans Work
As a business owner, it’s important to understand how small business loans work and the options available. This guide explains the basics you need to know.
4th Quarter Planning
Capture Those Sales: Start Your 4th Quarter Business Planning
Planning for your business's 4th quarter goals early keeps you from missing out on holiday spending during the busiest time of year for retail sales.
What is a Subscription Business Model, How Does it Work, and Is it Right for Your Business?
Many companies are switching to a subscription business model – but is it right for you? This in-depth guide will help you decide.
mental health
Why Your Mental Health Should Be an Important Piece of Your Business Strategy
Taking steps to improve your mental health can drastically improve both your business and your life. Learn more with this simple guide.
Take Pride in Your Business: How To Diversify Your Team
In this article, we’ll discuss why diversity matters and the steps you can take to build a diverse team for your business.
distributed team
Creating a Distributed Team? Here’s the Lowdown
A distributed work strategy is one where not all of the team works in one single office, but there are many team models. Here is how you can make a success of it.
remote workforce policy
Building a Remote Workforce Policy for Your Company? Here’s What You Need to Know
There are many critical elements that need to be defined when creating a remote workforce policy. Let’s cover the main questions you’ll need to ask to stay steps ahead.
remote employment
Top 5 Tips for Remote Employee Management
Remote workforce management can be a challenge. If you’re looking for some hot tips on how to manage your workers outside the office, you’re in the right place. 
buy now play later
What is Buy Now Pay Later, and Is It Right For Your Business?
Many online retailers are embracing buy now pay later as a checkout option, but is it right for your business? Here’s what you need to know.
3 Ways Using Fiverr Freelancers Can Help You Scale Your Business
When we spoke with course creators and freelancers alike, we found out that using the Thinkific Store on Fiverr can help you in three key ways. Here’s how:‍
small business finances
6 Apps Small Business Owners Can Use to Manage Their Finances
What are the tools businesses can use to manage their finances? Here are some of the best apps that will get your business on the right track.
How to Reinvest Your Tax Return Into Your Business
Got a tax return this year? Here are 8 ways to reinvest your refund into your own business for continued growth and revenue.
small business retirement
Retirement Savings Plans for Small Business Owners Explained
Selecting a retirement plan for your small business can be overwhelming. We've found the top three options to help you on the right track for your future.
A Quick Guide to the New Tax Rule in 2022
A new tax rule in 2022 affects freelancers and small business owners. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the new tax rule.
ecommerce holiday
How to Make the Most of Your Ecommerce Shop This Holiday Season
How to benefit from the holiday sales rush? If you want to maximize your profits, here are a few tips to set you up for success.
digital events
Digital Events are Here to Stay: How to Rock Your Company's Virtual Meetings
If you've put off fine-tuning your business' virtual planning, it's time to face the reality—virtual meetings are the new norm!
remote work
5 Common Remote Team Challenges and How to Deal with Them
Remote team work has its set of challenges, but Hubstaff and Fiverr are two platforms you can use to solve a number of those issues.
Holiday Shoppers
Fiverr Pro Seller Shares: How to Make Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers
Fiverr Pro Seller shares the most important elements to converting holiday shoppers into loyal customers.
budget apps
5 Small Business Budget Apps With Big Rewards
An overview of the best budget apps for businesses ready to get serious about their finances. What is a good budget app, and what makes it one of the best?
Fiverr Seller
Fiverr Pro Top Seller Shares: How to Hire The Right Seller on Fiverr
Discover 5 proven tips for finding the right talent on Fiverr to make your project a success, shared by a Fiverr Pro Top Seller.
What the Future Holds: 7 Effective Ways to Futureproof your Business
Do you consider your business futureproofed? Futureproofing requires you to restrategize and develop new business plans, but it is certainly worth it.
confirmation bias
Honest Content Makes A Trusted Brand: How To Avoid Confirmation Bias
Follow these guidelines to bust through confirmation bias, create community engagement, build trust and create eye-opening content.
5 Female Entrepreneurs Sharing Their Personal Journey On Youtube
Successful business owners and Youtubers willingly share what it takes to succeed. They have actionable advice for entrepreneurs starting from scratch.
pitch to investors
Ace Your Pitch and Attract Investors with Fiverr's Help
Winning investors can be difficult, especially if you’re a newbie entrepreneur. On the bright side, Fiverr has professionals who can help you persuade investors.
quality assurance
4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Quality Assurance Testing and Review
Without a well-developed Quality Assurance system, business owners have no way of knowing how their company is seen by their customers.
performance review
How To Ace Your Remote Performance Review
A remote performance review may seem intimidating. On the bright side, preparing and planning ahead can turn the odds in your favor.
hiring freelancers
Hiring Freelancers is the "New Normal," Statistics Say
Join your peers and millions of companies around the world who use freelancers to get important tasks done and move their business forward.
Fiverr Business
Freelancers are Your Solution to the "Great Resignation"
With the sector experiencing such explosive growth, the question is not whether to use freelancers, but how? Fiverr Business offers the collaborative solutions.
7 Tasks You Should Outsource to Freelancers Right Away
You can use Fiverr to outsource just about any task to a competent freelancer who will get the job done well.
Creating a Seamless Remote Hiring Process
By creating a seamless remote hiring process, you’re able to secure top-tier candidates from all over the world.
Launching a Specialty Food Product Business in 2021
The specialty food segment has steadily grown in recent years to make up more than 16% of the total food market.
Gear up for Growth in 2021 with our Free Ebook
While 2020 was a year of an unprecedented loss, struggle, and economic shutdowns, it’s also set the stage for new possibilities.
Why You Always Have Contracts for Video Work
Be Careful About Offering Free Video Work.
Land a Freelancing Budget for Your Business Team
Some of the best possible talent for your business isn’t out there looking for a full- time job – they’re freelancing.
Ecommerce Sellers Prepare Sites For The Holidays
Despite the economic downturn, there are a lot of opportunities for eCommerce merchants that are looking to attract customers.
5 Things You Didn’t Know a Freelancer Can Do
There’s a common misconception that hiring a freelancer is only something you would do if you need a writer, editor, or graphic designer.
Fiverr Courses Help You Launch A New Business
How to make money in spite of a global recession?
How to Build a Real Estate Business With Fiverr
Fiverr’s freelancers can help you grow your real estate agency from the ground up. Here’s how they can help you out:
4 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in 2020
59% of U.S consumers will switch brands after multiple bad experiences while 17% will switch after a single bad experience.
Get in the Habit of Creating Content Every Day
Just like how you brush your teeth every day or put on a new change of clothes (hopefully)—creating content should be no different.
How is COVID-19 Reshaping the Economy in 2020?
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 — the illness it causes — is leading to major disruptions to businesses, economies and people’s daily lives.
3 Ways to Improve Your Business in Your Down Time
Here are three ways to improve yourself and your business during this time…
How We Market Online Courses
Over the years our team at We Market Online Courses has developed a proven method to help businesses market and sell online courses.
recruit ipad
Tips For Building A Synergetic Remote Work Culture
How can you build a collaborative remote culture for freelancers in your team? Here’s what you need to know:
Support for SMBs and Freelancers amid the Pandemic
Despite the uncertainty and restrictions on movement, life and work will and must continue, and the Fiverr Community.
The SECAR Method Can Double Your Productivity
In this guide, you can learn about the SECAR method — a five-step methodology often used in businesses and organizations to increase its efficiency.
Best Tips to SEO Optimize Your Freelance Website
Are you disappointed with the conversions generated by your freelance writer website?
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||fiverr 2020 ebook||Start 2020 Strong with Fiverr ebook
Grow your Business in 2020 (Free Ebook)
What you accomplish in the first months of the year can determine your overall success in 2020.
Top 5 Tips for Outsourcing with Fiverr
Outsourcing is one of the best ways to level-up your business by getting more accomplished in less time.
4 Tips For Managing A Team Of Freelance Designers
Whatever industry you’re in, you’ve probably wanted to hire a freelance designer that can help you create Powerpoint presentations, social media graphics and many more.
How to Incorporate Your Small Business
At some point, every small business needs to incorporate, and the type of company you choose to form will influence your business at every point in the future.
Fiverr for Business Helps You Organize (and Scale)
use Fiverr For Business to seamlessly merge your internal team with the creative minds of task-orientated freelancers who want to help you reach your goals.
Tips For Making A Career Change in 2020
According to a new survey from Fiverr and YouGov., nearly 6 in 10 U.S. workers are looking to change something about their work or career in 2020.
How to Welcome a Freelancer to Your Project
You’ve found the perfect Fiverr contract worker. The gig they’re offering matches your needs perfectly, and now it’s time to go all in.
5 Reasons Why You Need a Project Manager
A project manager specializes in these skills and is an expert at making projects smooth and successful.
6 Steps to Creating a Realistic Project Timeline
Whether you are managing a team or your own business, setting realistic project timelines will ensure success.
5 Traits You Need to Start Your Own Small Business
If you want to achieve success with your business, read on to learn the top five traits you need to succeed as a business owner.
freelancer working
Hire A Quality Freelancer for Digital Projects
It is estimated that by 2020, freelancers will make up over half of the US workforce, as the freelance talent pool grows tremendously each day.
8 Freelancers Who Can Help with Startup Growth
Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of an entrepreneurial business, especially for startups.
Future of Design: Art of Doing at frog design
Fiverr and frog design hosted the latest in our “Art of Doing” event series, this time focused on the future of design.
5 Tasks On Your To-Do List You Should Delegate
One of the frustrating things about being an independent professional is that you’re responsible for all of the not-so-fun tasks necessary for running your business.
Fiverr creative ebook||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Logo design made on Fiverr
Grow your Business in 2019 (Free Ebook)
You have big goals for your business this year. Maybe you’re dreaming of breaking a sales record, snagging a high-profile client, or launching a new product.
How a "Brand Map" Helps With Your Sales Copy
In a nutshell, a brand map is a visual representation of your brand against competing brands in your space.
10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Game
73% of millennials prefer to receive communication from a business via email, but it’s also still the top tactic for generating leads, beating out social media.
slack channel meetup||||||||apps logo slack||slack hashtag channels
How Slack Helps Improve Your Team Efficiency
Well, you can significantly improve your overall team communication by adding one simple peace of software to your business, Slack.
How to Set SMART Goals and New Year's Resolutions
Instead of having a general idea of what you want to make happen—like achieving profitability or launching a new product—think of specific goals that you can work toward.
Regina King: 7 Tips for Female Directors
Regina King, the Actress, has as much star power as staying power. And in the last decade, another side of this creative powerhouse has emerged.
Five Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant
You can get more done in less time by outsourcing some of your tedious tasks to an assistant so you can focus your time and energy on high-level assignments.
going from a good idea to a great idea
How to Know if Your Business Idea is a Great Idea
The faster you sift through all the possibilities to get to that great idea, the better.
Money-Saving Tips Small Business Owner Should Know
As Diddy once rapped, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” Especially when it comes to small businesses.
young female entrepreneur starting a business||Fiverr Stationery Gig||Fiverr business cards Gig||Fiverr Logo Design Gig
How to Start a Business: 6 Steps to Avoid Mistakes
6 Steps to Take to Start a Business from Scratch Today:
entrepreneur validating a business idea||Fiverr business plan Gig||Fiverr business plan Gig||Fiverr business plan gig||Fiverr Pro SEO Gig||Fiverr Pro SEO Gig||Fiverr Pro SEO gig||Fiverr market research Gig||Fiverr market research gig offer||Fiverr product research Gig offer
Using Fiverr: Is There a Market for Your Business
One of the most crucial items on an entrepreneur’s to-do list is figuring out if their awesome business idea is actually viable.
How to Optimize Your Small Business Podcast
When big brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, and MasterCard start launching podcasts, you know this form of media is a big deal.
Five Tips to Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out
Picture this: you’ve done your market research, found an audience, developed a great product, and built a solid marketing plan to get the word out.
linkedin marketing||Fiverr pro Lead generation specialists||Fiverr Pro Linkedin expert||Fiverr Ro Linkedin marketing specialist||todd pro fiverr freelancer
How to Optimize Linkedin for Marketing [Interview]
As freelancers or business owners, we all know or have used Linkedin. But have we really maximized Linkedin’s marketing potential?
Tips for Building Your Next E-Commerce Business
E-commerce continues to be big business. In the last year, total e-commerce sales jumped 16 percent to end 2017 at $453.5 billion in annual sales.
visual merchandising the rule of 3
The Rule of 3 for Visual Merchandising Success
Visual merchandising is the planning and arrangement of floor plans and 3D displays of products and services in such a way to increase a retail store’s sales.
Respond to Negative Reviews While Improving SEO
You’ve worked hard to boost your website’s visibility in search rankings, investing in high-quality content and avoiding Google’s penalties.
4 Mistakes to Avoid in Consulting Businesses
There are few things more exciting than getting paid money for your expertise. Creating a consulting business, however, is another thing entirely.
Quiz: The Best Website Builder for Your Business
Congrats! You’re finally building your business. You’ll need a website, of course. But…how? Where?
planning visual merchandising||visual merchandising
Visual Merchandising Hacks for Increased Sales
Visual merchandising is the science and art of designing floor plans and displays to maximize sales and revenue.
woman email marketing||Email design template Gig||email design template Gig||Email design template Gig
5 Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know
People get hundreds of emails a day, so you need to make sure your business’s emails don’t get lost in overflowing inboxes.
Brand identity Fiverr Pro Tiago Narciso||Fiverr Pro seller logo design gig||album cover design fiverr gig||lettering logo fiverr gig||brand identity fiverr gig
Create a Visual Brand That Sets You Apart
From his Humana Studio in Rotterdam, graphic designer Tiago Narciso defines the logos, fonts, and color palettes for tomorrow’s leading brands.
How (and When) to Say No as a Freelance Pro
Knowing when to say no to certain assignments is the one of the most difficult – yet most essential – things for freelancers to learn how to do.
Freelancers Who Can Help You Grow Your Business
If you’re resolved to grow your business this year, here are six types of freelance experts —all found on Fiverr—who can help you bring your idea to life.
Mastering Data Mining||freelance data mining gig||data mining freelance gig||data mining gig
Using Data Mining to Augment Customers & Revenue
There’s a good chance you’re sitting on mountains of insightful and in-depth data about your customers, which you could use to grow your business efficiently.
choice of colors||Colors preferences by women vs. men||color preferences survey||Colors preferences by women vs. men||Colors preferences by women vs. men||||color-preferential-chart||color preferences survey
Colors to Use When Marketing to Men Vs. Women
Color preferences are subjective, but it’s still important to understand them from a marketing perspective.
start a blog
How to Start a Blog in a Crowded Space
Want to start a blog, but feel like the topic you want to blog about is already so overdone?
Brilliant Strategy: Give Holiday Gifts to Clients
It’s easy to get caught up in the expectation that clients should be the ones giving things to freelancers.
Holiday Promotions Beyond the Ho-Hum
Instead of trying to match competitors with deeper discounts, build special holiday promotions that stand out.
Holiday Color Psychology||fiverr landing page gig||fiverr landing page gig||Fiverr landing page gig
Holiday Colors to use to Boost Sales
The holiday season is by far the busiest time of the year for shopping.
sign design
Scaring Customers? Design Tips to Win Customers
With all the attention online marketing gets, brick-and-mortar businesses can easily lose sight of one of the best customer-winning tools they have: their sign out front.
3 Tips To Stand Out On Small Business Saturday
In 2016, more than 112 million shoppers participated in Small Business Saturday, spending a reported $15.4 billion dollars at local shops in their community.
Use Social Media to Test Ads Before Spending Money
When branding teams first started to understand that social media is valuable for reaching customers, many of them worked hard to create convincing, compelling posts.
Best Practices for Working with Fiverr Sellers
We uncover several best practices for communicating with sellers to get the most successful outcome possible.
Tech Companies Unite for Access to Healthcare
Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs spend most of their time taking care of their businesses—but what about their own physical well-being?
business man writes reviews online
How Your Review Makes a Difference
Words can lift someone’s confidence and self-worth, or snap a roundhouse kick straight at their ego.
5 Steps to Building the Best Chatbot
Not to be confused with live-chat software, chatbots are a form of AI, or artificial intelligence, that facilitate self-help on a website.
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