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Success Stories
Meet the Totes: #FiverrDoesCannes' Amazing Swag
When it came to planning swag for Fiverr’s trip to Cannes, we made the obvious turn to our incredible sellers.
Success Stories
Meet the Pros: #FiverrDoesCannes' Designer
Fiverr Pro designer and art director Ana Rita Sousa (aka AnaSousa212) is a digital nomad with a passion for branding and visual identity.
Digital Marketing
Big Changes to Our SEO Category
We’re removing all of the current service types: On-Site Optimization; Off-site Optimization; Keyword Research; and Plugins & Tools are all going away.
Freelancer Tips
4 Steps to Simplify Tax Time
Let’s face it: doing your taxes is a real pain. And it’s that much harder when you’re a freelancer.
Logo Design
How to Know You Need A Logo Redesign
Some brands and businesses have iconic logo designs that never (or only subtly) change – think Coca-Cola’s cursive, Apple’s minimalist fruit, or Nike’s swoosh.
Logo Design
How to Make Your New Logo Design Work for You
Your goal should be to make a logo that’s relevant but won’t fade with other fads.
Freelancer Tips
Top Communication Skills You Can Learn On Fiverr
Not all languages are grounded in words and sentences. They can be spoken or written, but they can also be symbolic, logical, or computational.
Freelancer Tips
Freelancer Finances Tips
The key benefit of freelancing is most evident in its name: it offers more freedom and flexibility.
Success Stories
Meet the Pros Episode 2.3: Kevin Canning
Dislike the drudgery of routine? You’re not alone. It’s one of the main the subject of this week’s episode of Meet the Pros, became a freelancer.
Success Stories
Meet the Pros Episode 2.2: Frank Davis
Dislike the drudgery of routine? You’re not alone. It’s one of the main the subject of this week’s episode of Meet the Pros, became a freelancer.
Freelancer Tips
Build Financial Security, Now and in the Future
Whether you freelance or run your own business as an entrepreneur, you work hard to create valuable products and services that clients and customers want.
Digital Marketing
A Customer Acquisition for Restaurants and Bars
Few businesses have a faster customer response time than restaurants– most customers are ready to take action within an hour.
Creative Writing
A New Approach: How Fiction Writers Can Use Fiverr
Authors writing full-length novels and entrepreneurs crafting micro-fiction for special promotions have the same problem: Telling original stories can be a lot of work.
Success Stories
Danilo's Fiverr Success Strategy
In order to really succeed on Fiverr, in business, and in life, you need to be steadfast in learning, patience, and curiosity.
Freelancer Tips
Start Your Orders Faster: Skip Fiverr Gig Reqs
In our continuing efforts to increase the ease and execution of Gig ordering and creation, we’ve added an option to remove extra work.
Book & eBook Writing
Copyeditors: Self-Published Authors' Best Friends
Copyeditors are an integral part of any self-published author’s success.
business man meeting
Freelancer Tips
Level Up: You’re Established, Now Do Even More
Go big or go home. And wouldn’t you rather go big and then home to the big home you earned? Yeah, you would.
Planning business
Business Tips
A Guide for Turning Your Idea into a Real Business
Every business is different and has unique sets of challenges, but this will get you moving in a very good direction.
Business Tips
Room to Grow: How To Scale Your Startup
Check out our hit list below for ways to grow your newly established business or brand, and develop your own method for #winning.
inbound marketing||mentorship experience
Business Tips
Getting the Most Out of Your Mentorship Experience
Here are three actionable tips to help you find and work with the right mentor for you.
lady with a laptop
Articles & Blog Posts
Professional Responses for Every Fiverr Situation
Blog contributor Charles, aka silberma1976 on Fiverr, struggled with writing in high school. His writing improved so much that he was able to get his poetry published.
Fiverr fright 2016
Freelancer Tips
Have What it Takes to Win? Enter #FiverrFright2016
If you can believe it, Halloween is right around the corner. Every year, party goers and trick-or-treaters dress up as the year’s trendiest and most relevant looks.
Elsie Magazine - Fiverr Issue||Lee Jones, Fiverr||Fiverr interview to Lee Jones
Success Stories
Beauty in Randomness: An Interview with Les Jones
Les ordered Gigs from around the world to illustrate how individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines can find opportunity and meaning in the work they choose to do.
Services Made on Fiverr||T Shirt Design Made on Fiverr||Banner Made on Fiverr||Made On Fiverr
Digital Marketing
Showcasing: Here's What You've #MadeOnFiverr
Did you know there are tens of thousands of Gigs completed per day on Fiverr? That’s a crazy amount of hard working entrepreneurs making it happen, daily.
graphic designer
Business Tips
Tax Deductions Every Graphic Designer Should Know
Here are nine tax deductions Graphic Designers should not miss to help them save money on their taxes.
work flexibility
Business Tips
6 Reasons Why Flexible Work Is So Good for Us
Flexible work is so good for us. Here’s why:
Services Made on Fiverr||comic artist and 2D animator project on Fiverr||illustrating graphic project on Fiverr||graphic design project on Fiverr||graphic design work on Fiverr
Business News
Showcasing Quality: What Have You #MadeOnFiverr?
Raise a glass to the sellers and amazing things #MadeOnFiverr below:
||Dayvon Success story, Fiverr
Success Stories
The Secret to My Success: Dayvon’s Fiverr Story
Now, he’s given notice at his corporate job and is preparing to travel the world. Here’s how he’s living the dream:
family walking on the beach||Mr.Explainer, Fiverr
Success Stories
Explaining Fiverr's Impact, from "Mr. Explainer"
Lee or as you may know him on Fiverr, Mr.Explainer, has spent over 20 years in the design and marketing industry. This is Lee’s Fiverr story.
young entrepreneurs
Freelancer Tips
How to Get Paid for Your Passion in Your Twenties
Below are four tips to use Fiverr and others to align your passion with your paychecks:
Caroline Beaton, award-winning writer
Success Stories
This Graduate Makes a Living from a Writing Degree
Caroline Beaton is an award-winning writer, millennial expert and brand consultant tackling the psychology of millennials at work.
Successful young entrepreneurs
Career Counseling
Tips for Enhancing Your Professional Development
There are many ways to hone your skills, advance your knowledge and contribute to your professional and personal development.
||Sean Carney, Sucess Seller on Fiverr
Success Stories
From Student to Small Business Owner
I realized the key to success on Fiverr was consistency and taking breaks on the site didn’t help my business, so I went full time.
Paul Ollinger speaking about Fiverr||Seller Story on Fiverr
Success Stories
Self-Publishing: What I did Right #1 (The Trailer)
My first book, You Should Totally Get an MBA: A Comedian’s Guide to Top U.S. Business Schools came out on April 18th. It’s insightful. It’s $22.95 on!
promoting your business
Marketing Strategy
How to Reach the Right People for Your Business
To effectively grow your business, you need to find the best way to get your message out to the right targets. Here are some ideas that can help you with that.
Logo Designer on Fiverr
Success Stories
Why Designer Joebrise Says, "Fiverr Is Like Magic"
During his free periods, he works on his Fiverr Gigs®. Here is Joe’s Fiverr story.
zimamedia success story
Success Stories
Husband and Wife Team Turn Fiverr into a Lifestyle
Now he’s running a successful Fiverr business and teaming up with his wife as joint Fiverr sellers! Here is Michael’s story.
financial management
Business Tips
4 Tips for Entrepreneurs on Financial Management
Starting your own business as a freelancer or entrepreneur can lead to the financial freedom you dream of.
alifstyle editor
Success Stories
Retired Comic Editor Does Animation Full Time Now
Alif aka Alifstyle, has always had a sense of humor. His entertaining YouTube videos are actually how he discovered Fiverr, when one commenter suggested it to him.
Successful seller on Fiverr
Success Stories
Achieving Financial Success on His Own Terms
Now he’s able to explore his voracious interest in movie production and cinematography. Here’s Freddy’s story.
building business
Business Tips
Guide to Building Your Business Online - Step 2
So you’ve decided to invest in yourself, your future, and your happiness and start your own business.
entrepreneurs mistakes||Crispy illustration
Freelancer Tips
5 Mistakes I Made While Being Self-Employed
Take my experience with a grain of salt, because only you know you. What held me back could be your greatest opportunity.
building business
Business Tips
Building Your Business Online: Here's a Full Guide
There’s no denying that the internet has changed the way we work and live. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the rise of freelancers in the American workforce.
aaliyan seller
Success Stories
How #SuperSeller Aaliyaan Tripled His Revenue
By implementing the new packages feature, Aaliyaan was able to instantly triple his revenues! Here is Aaliyaan, our latest Super Seller.
Father and son having good time
Freelancer Tips
How to Manage Your Time When Working for Yourself
Whether you’re struggling to manage your own time or your clients’ round-the-clock requests, here are a few tips for getting your day under control.
Successful woman in business
Business Tips
Tips for Achieving Success On Your Own Terms
If you’re looking for some hands-on tips and inspiration as you tackle the Gig Economy, then these stories are for you.
Caroline Beaton, award-winning writer
Freelancer Tips
How to Pick the Right Side Hustle for You
Caroline Beaton is an award-winning writer, millennial expert and brand consultant tackling the psychology of millennials at work.
successful freelancer
Freelancer Tips
7 Habits of Successful Freelancers
We’ve compiled some tips and tricks on how to maximize your time spent and advance your online business in the world of freelancing.
Superheroes illustration||Joker & Batman by Fiverr||Superman by Fiverr||Hulk by Fiverr||Wonder Woman by Fiverr||The Bat-chelor, Fiverr
Lessons in Love From Your Favorite Superheroes
So this Valentine’s Day, we’ve reimagined a “date in the life” of some of our favorite superheroes. Enjoy!
Freelancer work-wear||Dorothy Perkins Fashion Designer on Fiverr||Dorothy Perkins Fashion Designer on Fiverr||Dorothy Perkins Fashion Designer on Fiverr
Freelancer Tips
Work-Wear Dress Codes for Freelancers
Freelancing can be a dream, as you have the opportunity to embark on new projects, meet exciting people and experience something different every few weeks.
business ideas table
Business Tips
Bringing New Ideas to the Table
It is important to bring that to your business by trying new things and implementing new strategies.
new business ideas
Business Tips
Finding Ideas and Ways to Improve Your Business
It's a New Year. New goals have been set and whether that means improving on parts of your business, or starting a brand new adventure.
freelancers for smb
Freelancer Tips
Why Freelancers Are The Best Workforce for SMBs
The Gig Economy is growing every day and we are also seeing some changes in the way companies are hiring talent.
creating portfolio
Business Tips
Tips for Creating a Compelling Portfolio
Here are 5 tips for creating a portfolio that’ll knock their socks off:
gig delivery time
Freelancer Tips
Deciding the Best Delivery Time for Your Gig
So what are the guidelines for setting up a delivery time that makes your customers happy but doesn’t drive you crazy?
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