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How to Make Your New Logo Design Work for You

Katherine Penta
March 25, 2018

What can a logo do? Entice a buyer? Convey ideas? Embody your brand? Spark consumer recognition? Work across all marketing platforms?Good logo design can – and should – do all of the above.Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for a while and are feeling a slump in sales, good logo design (or redesign) is the key to communicating to current and potential consumers why your brand is right for them.Your goal should be to make a logo that's relevant but won't fade with other fads. Here are the steps to creating a timeless logo that will work for your brand today and tomorrow.

First, go slow.

Entrepreneurs like to act, but acting too quickly can often lead to costly mistakes. Spend time putting thought into your logo and making sure its design works on behalf of your brand's image. Research your target audience. Do they tend to like creative typography, or are they happier with an elegant minimalist design? Consult with your stakeholders and confirm that everyone's on board with the design. You can also try user testing to see how your logo's colors, fonts, and shapes fare with unbiased viewers.

Remember your values.

Your logo should reinforce your company's core values. For example, if you're selling insurance, your logo should inspire trust. If you're selling cupcakes, make a logo that looks good enough to eat. Look at your competitors' logo designs. Are there established design conventions in your field that you would do well to imitate? Or does it serve your brand to eschew tradition and trends and think differently?

Optimize for social media.

Good logo design should play well across all your social media platforms and in your online marketing campaigns. Most social media channels have a square field (though Instagram has a circle), so it's important that your logo looks good within a contained space. Avoiding overly long horizontal or vertical designs is an easy way to make sure your logo strikes a pleasing balance in your consumers' eyes, no matter which channel they're browsing.

Look on the bright side.

Bright colors are a trend for 2018, and a safe bet for years to come – proper use of vivid color always attracts attention and creates emotional connections in consumers. But do your research before choosing a bold color scheme and look into color psychology so that you select colors according to the mood you want to convey. Passionate red? Versatile green? Classic blue? Complementary colors always work well, and in 2018 monochrome looks and shaded hues are popular too. But no matter what color scheme you choose, remember that a good logo should also always look good in black and white.

Heritage, classic, vintage, and funky.

All of these styles are trends for 2018 and will work well in years to come: 2018 is about embracing experimentationandkeeping with tradition. This gives you lots of freedom to do as you please, but not so fast: Make sure you choose a signature style that will suit you and your consumers.

Work with a pro.

Don't know how to make a scalable logo? Unclear about what a vector is? Too busy to learn about the color wheel? If you want to boost your business, beat the competition, and be taken seriously, you owe it to yourself to hire a professional who will help you realize the best logo design for you. Logo design is too important for DIY. Make 2018 the year your logo starts working for you. With the freedom to experiment or stick with a more traditional route, there's plenty of space for you to find the perfect logo design. But no matter what you choose, remember that you're better off working with a logo expert on Fiverr Pro.

How did you find the right logo design for your business or brand? Have you worked with logo designers? Tell us in the comments below—and then message Rob Janoff on Fiverr Pro for the chance to win a custom logo.

Katherine Penta
Brand and copy expert with over six years of experience developing brand personas, managing content, and writing copy for brands like Neutrogena, Visa, and Adobe.
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