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How #SuperSeller Aaliyaan Tripled His Revenue

Katherine Penta
March 24, 2016
aaliyan seller

Aaliyaan has a degree in business administration but is completely focused on WordPress development and design, and digital marketing. By implementing the new packages feature, Aaliyaan was able to instantly triple his revenues! Here is Aaliyaan, our latest Super Seller.

My Fiverr Journey

I belonged to a community full of tech gurus from Pakistan and India. Right after Fiverr launched, there was a thread talking about it. I signed up right away, but at first, I couldn’t find anything that worked for me, and I didn’t sign back in for almost two years. Then one day, I went back to the site and was astonished at how it had grown. I browsed through different categories and was amazed at the talent and services people were offering. I immediately decided to give it a try. I created my first Gig® on YouTube promotions and got my first order the same day! Later on, I started offering different services, and when I had developed strong coding skills, I created my WordPress Gigs. It took me some time to flourish, but I am proud to be #1 in WordPress and a Top Rated Seller. When the Packages feature was announced, I did not realize how easy it would make my life. For example, I was enjoying a vacation in Dubai and did not want to put in my regular 8-to-10 hours online. I decided to give Packages a try and started offering a packaged service at three times my basic price.Since I was on holiday, I wasn’t concerned about the number of sales at that time, but within a week, I was amazed to find my revenue shooting three times higher while my workload was reduced from 10 hours per day to just two to three hours per day. What I love about packages is that I’m getting clients who are willing to pay more for quality work, so while the total number of orders has decreased, the value of each order is much higher. Because of this, I’ve broken my earnings record on Fiverr while also having more time to spend with family. That is the most amazing feeling!

My Tips for Success

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Always over-deliver to make your buyers want to come back to you over and over. I have never had to promote my Gigs because the exceptional quality of my work makes my clients happy to recommend me to their friends and other companies they are connected with. In short, over-delivery and quality are the keys to achieving success on Fiverr and with Packages. For beginners, you must be creative with your Gigs in any category. You probably won’t find something completely new to offer (hats off to all the talented people on Fiverr!), but you can be different in how you offer your Gigs. Make them unique in terms of your Gig image and description, and use a video - it really helps a lot. Also, keep an eye on your competitors. If you are serious, it may take you a few months, but trust me, you will find success.I also encourage beginners to regularly check the community forums. You will find several useful tips to polish your career on Fiverr. Recently, we had an official Fiverr event in Lahore, and it was absolutely amazing!

Fiverr Has Changed My Life

I don’t have to worry about a 9-to-5 job, and I am my own boss now. Fiverr is my only source of income, yet I am the proud owner of a house and a couple of cars, even though I am still very young. I am also about to start my own IT company, and I owe it all to Fiverr. I hope everyone out there finds success on Fiverr and gives this community even more reasons to flourish.

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Katherine Penta
Brand and copy expert with over six years of experience developing brand personas, managing content, and writing copy for brands like Neutrogena, Visa, and Adobe.
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