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Logo Maker Scholarship
Celebrating Innovation and Design: Fiverr Logo Maker Scholarship Winners Announced
Meet Fiverr's Logo Maker Scholarship Winners Maya & Lillian
Logo Design
The Importance of Updating Your Logo and Why You Should Refresh it Now
Does your business need a logo redesign? Learn how to tell when it’s time for a refresh and some tips for creating the perfect new logo.
logo maker
Your Brand Identity Inspiration Is Here with Fiverr Logo Maker
Your logo and brand identity set your brand apart and establish the look and feel that will attract your customers.
logo redesign
5 Famous Logo Redesigns From Varying Industries
Thinking about a logo redesign? Learn from these famous logo makeovers and get inspiration for your design.
Introducing Fiverr Logo Maker
The new Fiverr Logo Maker uses AI-technology and machine learning to pair real, handmade logos from Fiverr designers with relevant buyers, instantly.
The 10 Most Creative Business Cards of All-Time
Much of a modern business owner’s communication exists only in the digital world, so it may seem like handing out a business card is a little old-school.
The Life of a Logo: Who Should You Hire?
The best logos are so effective that you can recognize the brand they represent without even seeing the brand’s name. But getting there is difficult.
Steps to the Perfect Logo: Get Great Results
They say a logo is worth a thousand words (close enough), and a great one will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a strong identity.
Top 10: Minimalist Logo Designers
Our Editors’ roundup of 10 curated superstar talents from almost every category across the marketplace.
You Finished Your Brand Logo - Now What?
Our Editors’ roundup of 10 curated superstar talents from almost every category across the marketplace.
Choosing the Right Color For Your Brand
So you’ve decided to purchase a logo for your new business, one that creates a memorable and captivating brand identity.
The Seven Types of Logos and When to Use Them
Every savvy business owner knows that a sleek logo is one of the largest and most delicate parts of the house, which is exactly why you’re here.
How to Choose the Perfect Logo for Your Business
You’ve done the hard work of fleshing out ideas for your new business. Now, what comes may feel like an even harder ordeal–choosing your brand’s logo.
What These 28 Fonts Say About Your Business
There is an overabundance of factors that need attention at the infancy of your business.
Fiverr Sellers Reimagine the Fiverr Logo
A logo is the building block of a recognizable brand.
The 5 Essentials of Logo Design
A good logo can do wonders it becomes synonymous with the brand and can stimulate feelings and associations toward a business that garners trust and loyalty.
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Buying a Logo
Logo Design have existed long before the high-saturated brand market we know today. The need for a logo goes back hundreds of years.
The Backstories Behind 10 Famous Brand Logos
Check out the #MadeOnFiverr infographic to see how designers like Rob helped Nike, Google, Apple, and more distill their brands into an impactful icon.
SMART Business Logos—And How to Design One
Iconic brands have instantly recognizable logos – you would spot the Nike swoosh, Chanel Cs, or Starbucks mermaid from a mile away.
How to Know You Need A Logo Redesign
Some brands and businesses have iconic logo designs that never (or only subtly) change – think Coca-Cola’s cursive, Apple’s minimalist fruit, or Nike’s swoosh.
How to Make Your New Logo Design Work for You
Your goal should be to make a logo that’s relevant but won’t fade with other fads.
5 Great Logo Redesigns from the Past 5 Years
Established brands and new companies alike can benefit from periodic brand refreshes.
8 Signs That It's Time to Update Your Logo
As with anything visual, graphic design trends change, sometimes with each passing year.
Illustrator Shahar Noar pro seller on fiverr||pop art fiverr gig||brand logo fiverr gig||graphic design fiverr gig||shahar naor
Logo Design Success & Brand Identity Explained
Shahar has turned a background in biology and philosophy, and a passion for drawing, into a full-fledged design studio.
Why Your Business Needs a Better Visual Identity
Even if you’re a freelancer or a small business, you need a logo. Logos differentiate your business from all the others out there, including your competitors.
Attract More Customers with an Eye-Catching Logo
The difference between a good and bad logo can mean gaining lucrative business or being ignored by potential customers.
Innovative logo designs||Google logo||Nike logo||Amazon logo||Tostitos Logo||McDonald Logo
Top Five Innovative Logos
Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in graphic design, marketing, and printing. She currently writes for 777 Sign.
logo designer
5 Tips for a Logo Designer, by a Logo Designer
So in the spirit of healthy competition, I’ve put together five useful tips to help Fiverr’s Community of logo designers be the best they can be.
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