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A New Approach: How Fiction Writers Can Use Fiverr

Katherine Penta
August 22, 2017

Authors writing full-length novels and entrepreneurs crafting micro-fiction for special promotions have the same problem: Telling original stories can be a lot of work. Creating new characters, new worlds, and even new laws of physics can twist your brain into tangles.

Fortunately, if you're struggling with wrangling your story, there are many creative minds on Fiverr who can help with every aspect of the fiction craft, from concepts to finished works. Here's how:

World Builder

Part of the fun of writing fiction is the freedom to create new, exciting worlds. But developing the culture, geography, and characters found in strange and unfamiliar places is a monumental undertaking. Your inspiration may run dry before you can invent the new technology or beasts your new world needs in order to function. World builders specialize in the unique ideas, points of view, magic, and mayhem an original setting needs.

From new races of animals, monsters, and intelligent life to completely new languages, specialists can make your fantasy fantastic and your sci-fi spectacular. On the other hand, if your world needs more Earth-like authenticity and less fantasy, Fiverr researchers can also help.

Prose or Dialogue Specialist

You can be proficient with prose but write dull dialogue. Or perhaps your dynamic dialogue is marred by plain prose. Boost your weaker text with the aid of a Fiverr doer. Hire a specialist to rewrite your dialogue with more punch and personality. Or bring in an assistant to enhance your prose and bring your story to life.


What is your story about? It can be intimidating and difficult to step back from your work and boil it down to a few essential facts. Doers like hope321 can identify the essentials of your tale and abridge it into a summary or synopsis to share with potential publishers or readers.

Expert summarists know how to hook an audience with lively, catchy blurbs that highlight the best in your work.


The grammar police don't carry badges, but they have eyes everywhere. Whatever and however you publish, make sure your work is technically flawless. Hire a master proofreader or copy editor to keep spelling mistakes or misplaced punctuation from distorting your meaning. Even the most accomplished writers need a fresh pair of eyes to scan their syntax.

Developmental Editor

This particular breed of editor focuses on polishing your story with you, not fixing your punctuation. Working with a developmental editor helps you overcome roadblocks, recognize gaps in plot and continuity, and clarify the motives of your characters, maximizing the potential of your story.

Allisonewright is one such editor on Fiverr with proven success in long-form fiction.

Format/Layout Designer

If you self-publish, you are typically responsible for submitting a manuscript in the right e-book format or print layout required by the printer or distributor. Designers on Fiverr specialize in different self-publishing platforms, like CreateSpace and Kindle, and make sure your manuscript meets their standards. They can also optimize spacing and font choice, resulting in greater visual appeal and less eye-strain for marathon readers.

Cover Artist

People totally judge books by their covers. All the time. So yours needs to make a great first impression. A cover doesn't just advertise your name and the title of your work. It shows the reader genre and tone. Even before they read a single word, the cover starts telling your story. An experienced cover artist like designwit can create eye-catching covers that inspire shoppers to become readers.

Have you ever dipped into the pools of creative writing talent on Fiverr? What's the most valuable advice you've received from an editor or writer? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Katherine Penta
Brand and copy expert with over six years of experience developing brand personas, managing content, and writing copy for brands like Neutrogena, Visa, and Adobe.
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