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The Secret to My Success: Dayvon’s Fiverr Story

Katherine Penta
August 11, 2016
||Dayvon Success story, Fiverr

Dayvon, aka yourspokesguy, built a business on Fiverr by first exploring the site as a buyer. After some inspiring words from his mentor, Dayvon became a seller, knowing exactly what it took to provide buyers with the best experience. Now, he's given notice at his corporate job and is preparing to travel the world. Here's how he's living the dream:

Tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where you're from, what you do on Fiverr.

My name is Dayvon and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I graduated from Voorhees College and received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I currently work for the Department of Defense as a Logistics Management Specialist, but due to my recent success on Fiverr, I just put in my two weeks notice! On Fiverr, I am known as “yourspokesguy.” I focus on providing testimonials and being the face for a variety of products, services, brands, and websites with a huge emphasis on urban business, products and services.

How did you get into professional testimonials/speaking/branding?

One day I was sitting at my computer and had just got off a video-coaching call with one of my mentors. Before we got off the call, the last comment he said to me was, “I was well spoken.” It’s funny because it was a completely random comment from him. From there, something just clicked in my brain and I instantly went to Fiverr. Reason being, I had previously ordered a testimonial Gig the week before, but I never thought about actually offering it myself. I went to the testimonial page and I saw that there was a ton of people offering testimonials services, so I decided to give it a try. I quickly threw up a spokesperson Gig on Fiverr and I actually received my first order within 24 hours. In less than a month, I got featured on the Fiverr homepage and I took advantage of that momentum.

How did you hear about Fiverr? What inspired you to create your Gigs?

I’m a huge fan of podcasts on self-development and living an alternative lifestyle doing what you love. I randomly came across the Fiverrcast podcast and I listened to the stories of how the Fiverr community was providing a ton of value to those who ran businesses. These people actually had the opportunity to make positive impacts in literally hundreds of companies, whether they were a spokesperson, developer, logo designer etc. Getting to work with and contribute to other brands was a very enticing thought. I went and checked out Fiverr for a few hours, browsed around and thought it was a really cool site. I utilized the site as a buyer for a while and never thought about selling on the platform, until after that video-coaching call with my mentor. The rest is history.

How have your spokesperson skills grown since joining Fiverr?

My skills have grown tremendously! I used to actually be shy in front of the camera. But after hundreds of orders and working with hundreds of different brands, I am more comfortable than ever. Also, the fact that customers have nice things to say about the work you provide is a great morale booster. I recently had the opportunity to give a keynote presentation to thousands of high school students and recent college attendees in which I discussed how joining Fiverr could help them finance their education. If I hadn’t been doing testimonials, I wouldn’t have had the courage to give a presentation in front of that many students.

Can you share some of your favorite project you've worked on?

There are a few projects that I thought were cool and blew my mind! I was actually contacted by a record company and they were looking for promotional material for a new song that was coming out. The insane thing about it is that I used to

Dayvon Success story, Fiverr

actually listen to this same exact artist when I was a teenager. The fact that I had the opportunity to promote his song and serve as a spokesperson for that marketing effort was simply amazing! I didn’t even know big-time record companies came to Fiverr for business prior to that experience. That was one of my favorite projects thus far. I also had the opportunity to serve as the spokesman for a guy who was traveling all across the east coast of the United States on a bicycle in order to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness. It was insane that I had the opportunity to be a part of that mission. If it wasn’t for Fiverr, I wouldn’t have been aware of this cause.

What advice would you give to a newcomer on Fiverr looking to achieve success?

I have a few golden nuggets for newcomers; the first thing is to treat a $100 customer and a $5 customer just the same. No matter how much a client is spending with you, always do you best to provide the best customer service as humanly possible. I’ve had $5 customers that were much harder to work with and please than my $50 and $70 customers but I always remain level-headed and do whatever I can to please the client. Also, I would recommend them to surprise their customers with bonuses unexpectedly. On every order, I throw in a bonus for my customers without them even asking for it. This makes for happy customers at the end of the day. More importantly, I would recommend that newcomers offer their Gigs to be for 24-hour express delivery until they become a Level Two Seller. I know this may seem like a stretch but you have to prove yourself as a new seller, you have to do whatever it takes in order to ensure that you are in a position in which you can provide your services to the world. The last thing you should do is look for “buyers requests” and search the category that is relevant to your Gig. As a new seller, you have to keep that momentum going. I did these same tactics and I ended up on Fiverr’s homepage and the rest was history.

What impact has Fiverr had on your life? Has it changed the way you think about your profession or career?

Totally. Fiverr really opened my eyes to the fact that you truly can live an alternative lifestyle freelancing through the Fiverr website. When Fiverr was promoting the #workmyway hashtag, it opened my eyes to the possibilities that Fiverr allowed. A few months after this, I decided to make the decision to quit my $75,000 a year job working for the Department of Defense and finally take control of my life, living life to the fullest doing what I want, which is in this case, serving as a spokesman for brands. I will now move forward, travel the world, and continue to freelance with Fiverr. And who knows what type of testimonial ideas I will be able to come up with and the types of environments I will be able to take advantage of being an overseas spokesperson for Fiverr? I am in a position in which my Fiverr income surpassed what I will need to live comfortably overseas. First stop, Thailand!If you’d like to share your story about how Fiverr has impacted your life, please send it to us by email at

Katherine Penta
Brand and copy expert with over six years of experience developing brand personas, managing content, and writing copy for brands like Neutrogena, Visa, and Adobe.
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