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Happy International Freelancer Day!
Today, October 19th, Fiverr is inaugurating a new holiday called “International Freelancer Day,” and we hope to celebrate this date on the calendar for years to come!
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It’s “April Schools’ Day!”
This April Fools’ Day, we’re redefining LOL. Get “lots of learning” with a special promotion from one of the newest members of the Fiverr family: CreativeLive.
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Business News
Head & Shoulders and Troy Polamalu Partner with Fiverr
Head & Shoulders and Troy Polamalu are offering gigs to help with your business needs, from custom tattoo design to voiceovers-- there’s something for everyone.
Book & eBook Writing
Sea The Love: Fiverr’s First Children’s Book
For LGBTQ+ Pride month, Fiverr has partnered with YouTubers Rose and Rosie and talented LGBTQ+ freelancers and allies in our community to co-create a children’s book.
Fashion Design
Iconic Oscars Looks Reimagined
Fiverr’s talented Fashion Designers from around the world redesign celebrated past looks for 2021.
Success Stories
Fiverr & The Brooklyn Nets: The Small Biz Assist
Baseball may be America’s pastime, but everyone knows the real action and excitement these days is in basketball!
Success Stories
David and Will of RifRaf Ricotta Cups
Meet David Eisenman, Chief Executive Officer and Will Hickox, Chief Innovation Officer of the new snackable ricotta brand, RifRaf.
Success Stories
The Winner of Fiverr’s “Art of Speed” Contest
A few weeks ago on a rainy weekend in Northern Italy, Fiverr capped off our “Art of Speed” contest with the racing innovation company Griiip.
Success Stories
Outsourced Feelings Album Launch Event Recap
How do you create an album with zero experience? How do you even begin? Arianna O’Dell, a writer and entrepreneur, struggled with these exact questions.
Success Stories
Stephen Baer of The Game Agency
Meet Stephen Baer of The Game Agency, a software development company focused on building game-based solutions that make K-College and corporate training more effective.
Success Stories
Democratizing Cashmere: Caitlin Tormey of Naadam
Meet Caitlin Tormey of Naadam, a direct-to-consumer cashmere brand that’s making luxe knitwear more sustainable, more accessible, and more affordable for everyone.
Business Tips
Future of Design: Art of Doing at frog design
Fiverr and frog design hosted the latest in our “Art of Doing” event series, this time focused on the future of design.
Business News
DTF: An Evening with OkCupid and Wieden + Kennedy
We launched our newest brand campaign celebrating Fiverr connections and how they are improving the way the world works together.
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Video Marketing
Three Types of Video Any Business Needs To Have
Everyone is telling you to make more video content to promote your business, but exactly what kind of video content should you be producing?
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Video Marketing
The Coolest Video Production Gigs on Fiverr Today
The launch of Fiverr’s two newest categories – Live-Action Explainers and Short Video Ads— has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.
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Video Marketing
How to Use Video for Instagram Marketing
With around 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is a clear choice for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to get exposure and share their content.
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Video Marketing
Video Production: Outsourcing VS. In-House
By now, most marketers and entrepreneurs appreciate the power of video content and are actively strategizing on how to create the content they need.
Video Marketing
When is a Longer Video Effective?
You’ve probably heard that when it comes to video content, “shorter is better.” And that’s a pretty good rule of thumb.
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Video Marketing
What The Hell Do I Do With My Damn Video?
Just as you optimize and tweak websites, landing pages, etc., you need to optimize your videos for the best results.
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