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Creating a Seamless Remote Hiring Process

Fiverr Team
June 11, 2021

As a recruiter or decision-maker, it’s important for you to provide an exemplary candidate experience that makes the candidate feel safe and happy. A seamless remote hiring process is the most effective way to ensure that all candidates get from the application stage to the on-boarding process without any hiccups.

In the United States, millions of jobs were lost in 2020, which has resulted in a spike in demand for freelancers and professional remote talent. Adjusting your hiring process can help you find top-tier talent from all over the world, alongside reducing time to hire and cost to hire metrics for your talent acquisition teams.

We’ve mapped out a few strategies that your hiring teams can implement to ensure your new recruits get the best remote candidate experience. Here are key areas to evaluate in your hiring process.

Improving Communication

For progressive companies, communication is one of the most important factors and helps to build a thriving company culture. Leaders play a pivotal role in promoting a healthy company culture so it’s important for them to make modern communication processes that show candidates and employees are valued.

It’s easier to show empathy and generate a connection through in-person interactions. However, when recruiting remotely, developing good communication skills are imperative in order to bridge the gap between remote and on-site hiring. Focus on the candidate; whether it’s verbal or non-verbal communication, it’s important to be thoughtful and make the candidate feel confident and safe throughout every stage of the process.

Whether your candidate is in the interview process or seeking out feedback post-interview, be sure to communicate sincerely with them to build trust.

Use All the Tools Are Your Disposal

With tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, it’s now easier than ever to video interview a candidate. This helps with widening the candidate pool to the entire world. That means you can recruit candidates that live in a different timezone. Widening the candidate pool comes with numerous benefits like shortening the skills gap and also being able to world around the clock due to employees working from different parts of the world.

Another great way to implement tools into your remote hiring process is to pre-screen candidates to streamline the interview process. With data about the candidate’s skills readily available at your fingertips, your recruiters can gauge a candidate’s skill and experience based on the assessment. This could be in the form of a tailored coding assessment for a developer a small paid assignment for a graphic designer. The idea is to learn about the candidate and how they work prior to on-boarding them as an employee or freelancer. Learn how Fiverr Business's curated freelancer catalog vets the best talent for you ahead of time.

Happy Culture Is a Healthy Culture

Remote hiring is becoming the new normal as companies transition towards an agile and remote-first organizational structure. Distributed teams have proven to be more productive and raise employee happiness. In fact, a survey by Owl Labs showed that 29 percent of remote workers stated they were happier than on-site workers.

Promoting a happy company culture to your candidates entices them to work for the company, enriching the candidate experience. Since you’re not able to show candidates around the office, you can introduce your candidates to team members. Allowing the candidate to speak to different team members makes them feel welcome and helps to give them the lay of the land.

This is also a great way to get your team involved in the hiring process through collaborative hiring. Your team members can assess the candidate based on skills, cultural fit, personality, and experience. Designate one team member to assess each of the criteria:

  • Technical skills: this could be coding, design, or even copywriting
  • Past experience: where the candidate has worked and how long they worked at each position
  • Personality: here you can ask questions about the candidate’s personal drive, resourcefulness, communication preferences, and examples of how they collaborate with colleagues
  • Remote work: has the candidate worked remotely before and do they like it? Some people prefer to work in-house and prefer to be around their colleagues

Hire the Best Candidates Remotely

By creating a seamless remote hiring process, you’re able to secure top-tier candidates from all over the world. As a recruiter or leader, it’s important to develop your video interviewing skills, looking out for verbal and non-verbal cues from candidates. You’ll also want to tailor your set of questions for interviews and also develop processes to build strong connections with candidates. One way to do that is to build trust by introducing the candidate to team members throughout the hiring process.

If you’re looking for professionals to expand your distributed teams, the Fiverr Marketplace can help you find top talent from around the globe. With everything from Web Designers to Digital Marketers, you can find the right people for the job in just a couple of clicks.

Want an easy way to find the best talent and simplify your remote workspace environment? Give Fiverr Business a try. Right now you can sign up for a free first year of Fiverr Business and let us take some of the load off of your shoulders.

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