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Fiverr for Business Helps You Organize (and Scale)

Fiverr Team
December 21, 2019

You don't have to do it all. Instead, harness the magic of collaborative tools like Fiverr For Business to seamlessly merge your internal team with the creative minds of task-orientated freelancers who want to help you reach your goals. As your business gains visibility and traction in the marketplace, your output and organizational skills need to scale too.

Fiverr understands it's not feasible to hire an in-house digital marketing team or IT support crew at this stage in your growth. So, pause and dream big. Really big. Make a list of professionals you'd love to assist you and your team. Here's how they can help you check off those to-do list boxes and make strides in your business development:

Getting Organized and Meeting Goals with Fiverr For Business

As you connect with your new freelance partners, you'll quickly see the value they bring to your daily management both organizationally and in terms of hitting documented benchmarks.

1. You Have Multiple Options

While building your team of virtual partners, you'll love the streamlined ability to browse the profiles of people offering a variety of services, message them for more details and mark specific ones as favorites you'd like to work with again. This is the way to expand your team, with no traditional employee onboarding expenses.

2. You Can See All Activity at a Glance

By logging into the Fiverr For Business platform, you can manage everyone from one central hub. Everything from collaborative communications and document sharing, to reviewing final deliverables is housed on one convenient website to save you time. Say goodbye to confusing email threads and long-winded voicemails.

3. You Can Hire for Individual Tasks

As your business scales, your needs change. This means you may need a specific type of professional to complete a one-time task, like building a mobile app or writing a jingle for your podcast intro. Fiverr for Business is the perfect place to hire a freelancer to get a one-time job done without any long-term commitments.

4. You Can Manage Payments in One Place

Keeping invoices from multiple contacts organized can be a headache. Thankfully the platform allows you to set up one payment method, determine a budget and take care of invoices with just a few clicks. Both you and your freelancers will appreciate this tidy accounting feature!

5. You Don't Have to Pay Extra

All of this organization and ability to scale your output doesn't come with any additional costs, unlike other collaborative tools. There are no monthly fees to use the platform or per project charges. You pay the freelancers for their work, and that's it. The central cloud-based website is simply the cherry on top!

It's Time To Enhance Your Internal Operations

There's no reason to feel stunted as a start-up. Crush those growing pains by hiring the professionals you need, at the exact moment you need them. Get started with Fiverr For Business, your new right-hand project partner.

Fiverr Team
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