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Get in the Habit of Creating Content Every Day

Chase Maser
April 13, 2020

Just like how you brush your teeth every day or put on a new change of clothes (hopefully)—creating content should be no different. And that doesn't mean hustling out more assignments for clients around the clock. More importantly, you have to create things for yourself.

After all, your freelance business and personal brand revolves around your creativity and skill, so don't let that take a backseat during your daily routine.

Instead, get in the habit of creating content every day to propel your success forward—here's what you can do to get started:

Post on Social Media When You Wake Up

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? You check your phone, right? Well, use it to your advantage. For the past few years, I've been running an Instagram account for a business I started called PSPOETS.

Every day, I post something when I wake up and something before I go to bed, and to date, we're closing in on 10K followers—all organic growth with no ad spend or buying followers. And now that the account does so well, I focus more time on my personal IG account to share things I like. In fact, I just started one last month, and by following the same principles, I already have a few hundred followers—simple!

The point is that by posting something small on social media, you've already created a piece of content that markets your artistry and brand. It sets the tone for your daily productivity and you can shift that momentum to other work throughout the day.

Create Short-form Content Throughout the Day

So after I've had my morning coffee and hustled out a quick blog post for a client, I focus on creating short-form content throughout the day.

By short-form, I mean anything that you can churn out in a minute or two. For instance, I'm a huge believer in using LinkedIn to connect with clients and market myself as a freelancer. That said, I make it a habit to reshare published articles I've written or post random insights or thoughts I have about trending news or topics. These are things I can create in a few seconds that easily gain exposure and let others know that you're connected and paying attention to the world.

Aside from LinkedIn, TikTok has emerged as a fun, creative outlet to post short-form video content on the fly. My sister turned me onto it and now, I find a 15-second soundbite from a movie I like and post lipsync videos that gain hundreds of likes instantly. Then, I can easily save those videos and reshare them on Instagram Stories or transform them into GIFs to share on Twitter.

At this point, I've already generated 5-6 pieces of content for the public to engage with, and that in itself becomes highly valuable as you promote your brand and connect with other creators and potential clients.

Focus on Content Behind the Scenes

Aside from what you produce for clients every day, focusing on content behind the scenes is what drives your personal goals and passions. Something I create every day that no one sees is poems. I find time each day to sit down and write one, and this year alone, I've already written over 100 new ones. Then, I research writing contests and publications around the country to submit my work to in hopes of winning awards or getting published. Overall, these aren't poems I write to post on IG or throw away on Facebook—it's genuine content that fuels my personal aspirations and still makes an impact on my life as an artist and freelancer.

In your own life, I urge you to create behind-the-scenes content that's important to your own development as a human being. Of course, writing blog posts or making infographics for clients pays the bills, but in order for you to grow and achieve your dreams, you have to make time for what you really love to do. Plus, the finished product can still be shared in any way you choose.

The fact is that you're making things every day and that rhythm is what leads to producing better work for clients and for yourself within a set amount of time.

Hone Your Content Creation with Fiverr

Especially for what you love to do, Fiverr is the perfect place to hone your content creation. You can set up various gig packages that support and promote your skills in a variety of industries. Whether you want to create social media graphics for a client or do voiceovers for ads and commercials, Fiverr gives you the freedom to create what you want, while giving you a way to make a living!

On a daily basis, you can translate your content creation habits into Fiverr and grow your freelance success in no time.

Chase Maser
Chase Maser is a full-time freelance writer and content marketer. Aside from meeting deadlines, he writes poetry and fiction, and hosts poetry events throughout Los Angeles, CA.
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