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4 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in 2020

Fiverr Team
April 16, 2020

Customer experience is everything when you have to set your business apart from the competition.

If they’ve had a bad experience with your brand, people will quickly move on to the competition even if they love your products. In fact, 59% of U.S consumers will switch brands after multiple bad experiences while 17% will switch after a single bad experience.

So the key to garnering customer loyalty is by providing them with an unforgettable experience that makes them want to stay. Here’s how you can make changes in 2020 to enhance customer experience:

1. Start with a Slick and Responsive Website

Your website is one of the first touchpoints a customer will come across when interacting with your brand. So their experience using it will play a huge role in their overall satisfaction. This makes it crucial to build a website that’s easy to understand and navigate even for first-time visitors, in addition to being fast-loading.

Plus, it should be responsive so that visitors can seamlessly navigate through pages regardless of the device they’re using. If you want to build a new website from scratch, you can find a number of freelancers who specialize in creating responsive websites.

Otherwise, you can also have designers to optimize and streamline the design of your website and apps.

2. Be Available 24/7

Your availability is one of the factors that’ll determine the quality of customer experience. Are you there for them when they need you the most? If customers struggle to reach your support team when they need help with something, there’s a good chance it’ll have a negative impact on their experience. So it’s crucial to have 24/7 availability and be there for your customers whenever they need you.

This may not be easy to pull off and will require plenty of financial investment and complicated logistics. For some businesses, this additional investment isn’t exactly affordable. The good news is you can now have reliable chatbots to provide basic support to your customers.

These chatbots can act as the initial point of contact for your customers, especially during non-office hours. Work with freelancers who specialize in building chatbots and prepare a bunch of predetermined answers for your support chatbot to answer.

Where the chatbot faces limitations or whenever the customer requests it, it can forward the conversation to a live agent in the relevant department. This also streamlines the support journey and helps customers reach the people they need the most.

3. Produce Content that Adds Value

Another way to enhance customer experience is by producing content that’s focused on the audience and their needs. Your content should add value to the lives of your customers – whether it’s to help them learn more about a certain topic, learn how to do something, or even just to entertain them. In fact, 88% of the top performers in content marketing put the informational needs of their audience first rather than plying them with their sales message.

So it’s crucial that your content strategy prioritizes the needs of your audience over anything else. Create more content that’s informational, entertaining, or educational to appease your audience. Plus, don’t just restrict yourself to a single content format if you want to appeal to a larger group of people. Besides writing blog posts, you should also produce podcasts, write case studies, and publish white papers.

You could even experiment with visual content formats like infographics and videos. It’s best if you work with a content marketer to come up with a powerful strategy that matches your industry and target audience.

4. Know Your Customers Better

Most importantly, it’s crucial that you start by understanding who your customers are and what their preferences are. What do they like or dislike?

What makes them leave your website and what makes them want to stay? Besides product quality and pricing, are there any other factors they look at when buying something from a business?

The answer to these questions will provide you with the necessary insights to deliver the experience they want. In addition to assessing their behavior, you should also conduct surveys to get an in-depth understanding of your customers.

Grow Your Retention Rate with Enhanced Customer Experience

Delivering a memorable experience is the first step to retaining your customers. Even if they see cheaper products from your competitors, some customers will still stay with your brand for the experience. So start by researching your customers and understanding their needs.

Then work toward delivering an unforgettable experience with a slick and responsive website, content that adds value, and 24/7 customer service.

Fiverr Team
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