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Introducing the New Fiverr Gig Image Guidelines
To help you create the best possible image for your Gig, Fiverr recently created new and improved Gig image guidelines.
Introducing Fiverr’s New and Improved Data Services
Big news: the Fiverr marketplace now includes all the Data services your brand or business needs.
Meet Fiverr’s Newest Feature: Subscriptions
Set your Gig’s success on repeat with Fiverr’s brand new feature: Subscriptions.
Introducing Fiverr's Fashion Store
Now you can use Fiverr’s new Fashion Design services to grow your business from idea to implementation.
Plan Your Wedding On A Budget With Fiverr
Hiring Fiverr freelancers to create wedding photos, invitations, speeches, and videos can help you save a lot of money.
Give Messages To Loved Ones With Fiverr
Sending customized postcards, greeting cards, and videos seems like a challenging affair. Fortunately, Fiverr freelancers can help you get the job done.
Fiverr's Digital Services grows to 300 categories!
Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our offering to 300 service categories.
Introducing Fiverr For Political Campaigns
Fiverr for Political campaigns contains a curated collection of digital services to provide campaigns — of all budgets and sizes — the opportunity to expand.
Introducing Fiverr’s Public Relations Category
If you’ve ever launched a product or started a business, you’ve probably relied on some element of Public Relations to help build your business’ reputation.
fiverr studios
Introducing Fiverr Studios
Sometimes one project requires a writer, a designer, a videographer, and a developer. That’s where Studios comes in.
Introducing Our UK Micro-Grant Program
It’s no secret that Fiverr’s goal is to change the way the world works together. We also know that getting started can feel overwhelming.
A Clear Choice: Fiverr Acquires ClearVoice
ClearVoice is an easy-to-use, subscription-based content marketing platform that streamlines the process of producing high-quality content for larger businesses.
Say "I Love You" With Fiverr Cards
These 12 #MadeOnFiverr cards are yours to download, print, send via email or post to any social media platform your heart desires!
Fiverr Launches a Unique e-Learning Platform
Today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills – we call it Learn from Fiverr™️.
Fiverr’s New and Improved Referral Program
Our referral program is here to remind you to spread the productivity and efficiency of Fiverr to those you know best.
A Commitment to Community: Updates to Our Product
Today we are launching a new initiative to add more tools and features to Fiverr to make the marketplace as transparent, trustworthy, and frictionless as possible.
New AND CO Remote Work Report
Across the world, people are throwing off the shackles of office life and choosing to work remotely.
Music to Your Ears: Wyclef Jean is On Fiverr
You know him as the creator of the Fugees. And the world knows him as the legendary musician, actor, singer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Wyclef Jean.
Experience Creativity: Fiverr Does Cannes Lions
Fiverr is already the world’s largest digital marketplace for freelancers. And while we rule the world wide web, it’s time for us to get creative IRL.
Introducing Still Product Photography Services
We live in a visual world where most consumers’ attention naturally gravitates toward the quickest way to gather information: imagery.
Your Privacy is Our Priority: GDPR Compliance
The past few weeks have been filled with GDPR headlines, emails and blog posts all focused on changes to privacy laws and policies across Europe that affect everyone.
The Digital Workforce Development Initiative
As a global community empowering entrepreneurship, we recognize the need to create more education, access and opportunity.
Announcing Elevate
In the eight years that Fiverr has existed, we’ve built a community of like-minded doers, focused on building businesses and realizing their professional visions.
Introducing The New Fiverr Inbox
Communication is key to doing frictionless business on Fiverr. That’s why we’re replacing our current messaging with a fresh new live-chat-style inbox experience.
#DoersAcrossDC Contest
In Doers We Trust.
Ride Along with the Doers Across SoCal Road Trip
The Fiverr team first embarked on a cross-country road trip to meet real-life doers and community members across America.
Introducing Fiverr Business Tools
We’re introducing Fiverr Business Tools, a new and improved set of features intended for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and their teams working on Fiverr.
Introducing Fiverr's Chief Digital Nomad
Fiverr is looking to add a Chief Digital Nomad for a contract position who will travel internationally to document the freelance experience around the world.
AND CO From Fiverr FAQs
We were thrilled to share the exciting news earlier this week that Fiverr acquired freelancer software as a service (SaaS) platform AND CO, now AND CO from Fiverr.
Introducing AND CO From Fiverr!
AND CO from Fiverr, this SaaS application helps freelancers make more money by taking the friction out of freelancing.
Fiverr Newest Video Subcategories||short video gig||live action video gig
Introducing Fiverr's Newest Video Subcategories
I’m thrilled to announce that starting today, the Video & Animation category includes two all-new subcategories, Short Video Ads and Live Action Explainers.
Level Systems Update: What Sellers Need to Know
More than 10 million Gigs have been posted, with an average of nearly one million transactions each month in the past year.
So how does Fiverr commission work, anyway?
Freelancer Paul Maplesden writes content that builds trust with your customers and presents your business in the best possible way.
Fiverr and the New York Yankees
Baseball may officially be the national pastime, but we at Fiverr would argue that entrepreneurship is the original American pursuit of happiness.
Fiverr Releases Entrepreneurship In America Report
Being a doer isn’t easy. Entrepreneurship takes a unique combination of resourcefulness and perseverance, combined with a confidence in yourself.
Join Our Doers Across America Road Trip!
Buckle up, doers: we’re taking this show on the road!
Keep an Eye Out: Competitive Analysis Made Easy
If you’re like many entrepreneurs, when it comes to your competitors, you’ve got eyes in the back of your head.
Introducing Our Newest Category: Chatbots!
We’re proud to announce the opening of a new subcategory: Chatbots!
Introducing Our New Voice Over Pricing Structure
Assigning a price to your work is one of the most confusing and difficult steps towards getting your big break as a Fiverr voice over artists.
Doers in the District: DC Community Kickoff
Freelancing is like a personal utopia for some.
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