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Meet Fiverr’s Newest Feature: Subscriptions

Natasha Shine-Zirkel
February 10, 2021

Set your Gig’s success on repeat with Fiverr’s brand new feature: Subscriptions.

Every business recognizes the importance of innovation and constant improvement. It is no different in our case as we are continuously finding ways to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience for the Fiverr community.

We have made the process of doing business on Fiverr a whole lot easier by creating a way to optimize long-term and ongoing transactions between buyers and sellers. This is made possible by our new feature called Subscriptions.

Subscriptions enables buyers to secure their favorite sellers for long-term projects. Whether you need ongoing social media management, or a monthly SEO manager to optimize your website, Subscriptions makes sure you get the service you want, every time—without having to start from scratch each time.

How Will Subscriptions Work?

Locking in a specific seller has never been easier. Subscriptions enables buyers to choose who they want to work with, and for how long. 

●   Buyers can order and subscribe for either three or six-month periods. This will help sellers manage their workload, and provide loyal customers with ongoing, high-quality work.

●   Sellers also have the opportunity to offer a discount on a Subscriptions order. From 5% to 20%, they can reward buyers for choosing to subscribe with them.

●   Buyers can pay on a monthly basis while being able to update their order’s requirements, as needed.  

At the moment, Subscriptions is being rolled out to buyers across eight categories: Social media management, Social media advertising, Virtual assistant, Video editing, Mixing and mastering, SEO, and Architecture, and Interior design.

How Will It Benefit Fiverr Sellers?

After understanding a customer’s business from the first order, Subscriptions helps sellers transform one-time success into long term loyalty. Sellers can skip the whole process of starting from scratch every time, and, instead deliver quality work, quickly. 

●   Subscriptions automates the order process in the sense that sellers don't have to reach out to their regular buyers when they will be placing their next orders.

●   Subscriptions enables sellers to manage their workloads and timelines more efficiently. 

●   Subscriptions is a unique feature as it guarantees the seller a set income for the next few months, and helps to build future relationships with customers.

Only sellers who meet pre-established criteria will be able to offer subscriptions in their Gigs. This eligibility is determined by internal, external, and quality business metrics. While Subscriptions is currently limited to select categories, additional categories will be rolled out in the near future. 

Natasha Shine-Zirkel
Natasha Shine-Zirkel is the Business Verticals Group Manager at Fiverr, overseeing 5 of the 9 verticals on the freelancer marketplace as well as leading many strategic initiatives. Prior to her current role, Natasha built Developer Experience at Kin and was the Head of Product Marketing at Kik. Natasha started her career at Rounds, a social communication platform, where she grew to be Chief Marketing Officer leading its marketing and business development efforts prior to the startup's acquisition. In her free time, Natasha likes to help start-ups and does so by mentoring at various entrepreneurship programs and accelerators.
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