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Introducing Fiverr's Newest Video Subcategories

Yoav Hornung
December 13, 2017
Fiverr Newest Video Subcategories||short video gig||live action video gig

Hi there, I’m Yoav, and I’m the Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. Since introducing Fiverr PRO six months ago, we've been working day and night to improving the Video & Animation category by making it more professional, offering a wider variety of services, and making it easier for our video freelancers to share their unique skills with the world.

I’m thrilled to announce that starting today, the Video & Animation category includes two all-new subcategories, Short Video Ads and Live Action Explainers.

As we’re committed to offering our buyers best-in-class service and quality, each of these subcategories launched with both Pro and regular Gigs, created by top-class video freelancers from all around the world.

1. Short Video Ads

Think of these as the vertical (portrait mode) videos for Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Ads, or those six second un-skippable pre-rolls in front of YouTube videos. The Short Video Ads subcategory is super relevant for marketers who running performance-based video marketing campaigns, or marketers whose target audience is very active on social media.

short video ads gigs

2. Live Action Explainers

With this new subcategory, video production is now possible on Fiverr! Buyers can easily order complete video production on-location shooting, professional actors, equipment, etc. This new subcategory allows to buyers make product videos, on-location scripted videos, and full-production commercials, without any travel time or face-to-face meetings.

live action explainer video gigs

This is another step toward Fiverr’s goal of offering a comprehensive assortment of professional video services that make Fiverr the go-to destination for your video needs, no matter what your budget.

If you have any comments or thoughts you’d like to share, post them in the comments section below. I’d love to hear them and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Yoav Hornung
Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. I’m responsible for making the category a professional and up to date service for both - Buyers and Sellers. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at, video production marketplace that was acquired by Fiverr.
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