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Introducing Fiverr's Fashion Store

Yonat Rauner Trieger
December 10, 2020

Do you dream of creating your own fashion business but aren't sure where to start? Or perhaps your fashion design studio is already up and running, but you need outsourced support to increase revenue and scale up?

Now you can use Fiverr's new Fashion Design services to grow your business from idea to implementation.

Fashion Design is Fiverr's newest category, making it easier than ever to bring your creative projects to life with the help of high-quality fashion professionals. With services ranging from technical flat sketches and tech pack drawings to fashion illustrations, 3D garment design and full design process, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

The clothing and apparel market is predicted to be worth $1.183 billion by 2022. In such a dynamic and competitive industry, businesses need to constantly reinvent themselves to keep up. It’s why fashion design is such a sought-after service.

Fiverr offers a chance to evolve ahead of the competition and grow your business efficiently with freelance support. Take advantage of online professionals to improve every aspect of your product development process. Enjoy flexible online services that work on your terms, keep costs low, and scale as your business grows.

Fashion design has traditionally been an industry that works offline. But with social distancing fueling a rapid shift to digital, and exciting brands disrupting the fashion value chain, the Fiverr Fashion Design services and Store aims to make it easier to source the skilled professionals you need. It’s also a great way for professionals to find new clients and work on exciting, varied projects.

Fiverr's new Fashion Store offers a complete end-to-end approach through all phases of the design process. You'll receive all the tools you need to communicate with manufacturers and create top-quality clothing. Whether you require fashion illustrations or a full design process from trend research and mood boards to implementation, Fiverr's talent is ready to surpass your expectations.

Fiverr's Fashion Design category gives you access to the following services in a matter of clicks:

●   Technical Drawing- Receive informative drawings to communicate all the necessary components of your designs to pattern makers or manufacturers.

●   Pattern Making- Create blueprints of your garments to ensure your specifications are met before sewing a garment.

●   3D Garment Design- Create a 3D model visualization of your designed garment with the latest software.

●   Fashion Illustration- Convey fashion ideas visually through illustrations, drawings, or paintings.

●   Full Design Process- Receive complete designs for items or collections, from trend research and mood boards to files ready for manufacturing.

Fiverr Fashion Store is also offering other fashion-related services, including:

●   Pattern Design

●   T-Shirts & Merchandise

●   Jewelry Design

●   Fashion Logo Design

●   Procurement & Vendor Management

●   Labels & Hang Tag

●   Fashion Styling

●   Fashion Photography

●   Photoshop Editing

Are you ready to grow as a fashion business? Explore Fiverr’s Fashion Store and services, choose the professional you'd like to work with, and get started today.

Yonat Rauner Trieger
Yonat Rauner Trieger is the Graphics & Design Vertical Manager at Fiverr, focused on developing and growing the Design categories for both buyers and sellers. Former Architect and Designer with 8+ years of experience in planning, designing and leading large complex projects
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