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Fiverr Pro: The ultimate freelance solution for businesses | Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Team
August 1, 2023
Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Business goes Pro: Meet the new and improved freelance solution for businesses!

Big news, businesses: Fiverr Business is now Fiverr Pro.

Discover an enhanced solution designed to simplify and streamline collaboration with freelancers. Here’s what you get when you go Pro:

An advanced project management dashboard

Fiverr Pro provides businesses with an all-new dashboard that centralizes everything you need, placing your projects, orders, favorite freelancers, and shared budget right at your fingertips.

Vetted talent from the exclusive Fiverr Pro Catalog

Finding the ideal freelancer is essential to your project’s success. With Fiverr Pro's curated catalog, rest assured you'll be connected with the most qualified freelancers. Each expert is carefully vetted, ensuring you collaborate with only the best in the business.

Enhanced collaboration tools 

We understand that teamwork makes the dream work. Fiverr Pro offers improved collaboration tools, making communication with all stakeholders a breeze. Effortlessly monitor project progress, consult with other team members, and navigate outsourced operations as a unit.

Sophisticated freelancer matching

No more hunting for the perfect freelancer! Fiverr Pro offers multiple ways to connect with the right freelancers for any job, including an AI-powered matching system, customized suggestions from a Business Success Manager, or start-to-finish guidance from Project Partner.

Discover the Pro advantage

With the carefully curated Fiverr Pro catalog of experts and advanced tools to support progress and efficiency, your projects will always hit the mark.

Discover Fiverr Pro today and elevate your business to greater heights!

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