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Announcing Elevate

Mario Gabriele
April 24, 2018

In the eight years that Fiverr has been around, we’ve built an enormous community of like-minded doers, focused on building businesses and realizing their professional visions. Along the way, we’ve listened to the Fiverr community and the broader freelance and entrepreneurial communities and heard about the pain points and challenges that come with starting your own thing.

Aside from focusing a ton of attention on building a business, freelancers and entrepreneurs also face professional hurdles around living an independent lifestyle, and it’s these very topics that we want to help everyone address. Fiverr Elevate addresses the foundational elements of living the freelance and entrepreneurial lifestyle by providing educational content and partnership access to help navigate financing, company formation, business administration, taxes, retirement savings, and healthcare.

Section topics provide actionable, practical information on how businesses can address the pain points of independence, as well as easily-leveraged offers through handpicked partners. Using your Fiverr login or by creating a new account, you’re able to access informative videos and content to help create the various building blocks we all need to live healthy, happy and worthwhile lives.

This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to build out more elements of Elevate, providing broader support and more partners to an ecosystem that offers quality education and assistance to the entire freelance and entrepreneurial community.

Click here to check out Elevate and start learning. See below for a brief rundown of the partners we’re working with, as well as some of the unique offerings Elevate brings to the Fiverr community and beyond.


  • Learn why it’s important to form your business correctly, as well as the advantages to making it happen. Learn about how formation services will not only register your company but protect you legally through IP Assignment documentation.


  • Getting the right tax advice can save you money and time. Learn about some of the challenges for independent businesses and freelancers, as well as some of the routine deductions you can look to use.


  • It’s never too early to put some money aside and prepare for the future. Learn the difference between a 401K and an IRA, get to grips with the very-awesome, very-special SEP IRA, start a rainy day fund, and plan for the future.


  • Learn why it’s so important to protect yourself with health, vision and dental insurance. Both freelancers and SMBs can get access to a range of plans designed for people like you.


  • Learn how access to a line of credit can smooth your income.

Business Management

  • Run your business better with contracts, proposals, invoicing, expenses and time-tracking

What are you waiting for? Elevate your business strategy today. Any topics you want to learn more about on Fiverr Elevate? Ask us in the comments below!

Mario Gabriele
Mario currently works in Business Strategy at Fiverr. Prior to that he served as AND CO’s Chief of Staff. He received his MPA and BA from Columbia University.
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