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Your Brand Identity Inspiration Is Here with Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Team
February 22, 2022
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A lot goes into a brand's identity beyond—the visual elements, customer experience, reputation, services, products, and more. But the visual elements are so important because they are what the people will first notice and recognize—visuals create the look and feel that your brand establishes.

The look and feel of your brand's visual elements are how people will identify your brand over every other brand out there. They are what comprise the face of your brand identity.

What Is Brand Identity and Why Is It So Important?

Your brand’s identity is how you take the purpose and vision of your brand and share that with the world. A brand identity can be showcased through your brand logo, marketing materials, social media graphics, and even product packaging.

You want your brand to be easily recognized from one post or product to another. This means a cohesive look and feel are needed.

With so many brands already out there, how can you go about the creative process to develop a look and feel that is unique and recognizable to your brand?

If you feel overwhelmed by the process, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are some great resources to help you “try on” different looks and feels for your brand identity and logo design.

Where Should Brands Look For Visual Inspiration?

Visual inspiration for your brand is all around you. You can find inspiration in books and magazines and from online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. You can even look for brand inspiration at the grocery store. Next time you meander down a food aisle, pause to see what brands stand out to you from the shelves and why.

Here at Fiverr, we created a platform to help too. The Fiverr Logo Maker allows you to put in your brand name and create a professional logo in just a few clicks.

Logo Maker populates hundreds of designs (created by Fiverr designers) for you to choose from, so you can really capture your brand personality. You can then get those creative juices flowing and start editing the logo yourself or hire one of our skilled freelance designers to finish it up for you. You are able to edit the position of the graphics, the colors, and the fonts to better fit your brand needs, while adding in any industry information needed.

If the DIY approach to logo design is not for you, you can also use Logo Maker as a resource for inspiration.

How Does Logo Design Fit Into a Brand’s Identity?

Your logo design is a great place to start when creating your brand identity. Get it right, and you can build out the rest of your brand elements from there.

What is great about the Fiverr Logo Maker is that you get customized logo ideas, brand guidelines, and social media designs, providing you a head start with getting your brand up and running online.

So you may be wondering…

What Makes a Great Brand Logo?

A great brand logo focuses on just three key things, according to Sagi Haviv, who has created some of the most iconic logos around the world for brands like Animal Planet, NBC, the U.S. Open, and many more.

The three keys to great logo design are:


You could also think about appropriate as relevant. For example, the sophisticated black logo of Lexus would not fare well for a toy brand, for instance, but works great for luxury cars. Think about the feeling you want to create with your brand and how that feeling works with your products or services.


With so many brands out there, you don’t want a logo that looks just like someone else’s. You want your logo to be recognized for your brand. This means it needs to be distinctive and at least a bit unique in its design. But distinctiveness needs to be balanced with simplicity.


It can be easy to get carried away and create a complex design with all the things. But you have to remember that people will likely see the design on small mobile devices, packaging, and as a watermark on your graphics. You want it to still show well, even in small sizes. Take a look at the most iconic logos and notice how simplistic they really are.

Consistency Is The Key To Brand Loyalty

When you put your brand personality into your visual elements, you become known for a specific look and feel. This helps build customer loyalty as customers will know what to expect from you.

Try the Fiverr Logo Maker today and see how you can get inspired to build your brand.

Fiverr Team
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